Then Dr. Waris Came Along



A few weeks ago we went to see a chest specialist for children, this was a referral from another chest specialist for adults. I remember walking into the 4th floor of Aga Khan’s Doctors Plaza and saying to myself I hope this is not another futile visit to a Chest Specialist. We have been on it all, a couple of nebulisation sessions at Nairobi Hospital, visited our fair share of chest specialist and at at the time we were going to room 403, I was doing it out of no hope, coz what would another doctor do anyway that hasn’t been done.

I saw his name on the door and remembered that I have been refered to him by two different mums, never paid much thought though. Dr. Adil Waris, he is a Paediatric Pulmonologist well, that is what his card says. We waited our turn and when we finally went in, I have to say I was impressed, he paid little attention to us as he engaged with Mugi and they went down on the floor to play with a stack of blocks, his assistant joined them and that is when he stood to talk to us. Never at one time was Mugi left to play by himself, they counted, they named, the stuck up blocks, they drove cars.

We had the parent doctor session where I explained everything we have been on and our usual days, then it was time to examine him and ever so gently, he took him to his table as they went on with their chat, he checked his chest and then Mugi was back at the toy corner.


“He has Asthma,” he said

“Yeah, we have been told that before,”

“What is the inhaler your are on?”

“Seretide, 25/50 and ventoline,” I answered waiting for him to say we need to ditch those inhalers


He said we were on the right inhaler just that we were administering it wrong, he taught us how to do it right, something no other doctor has ever done. How to clean the spacer and then gave us another prescription for an oral drug, which he was shocked no other doctor has ever prescribed for all those visits.

What stole my heart with him was this statement

“Faith, let me take care of my boy for you”

As a mother, you want the person treating your child to own them to do it like it’s their own baby and to lay down their life for them, that is what I felt with Dr. Waris. He prescribed a couple of blood test which he referred to in spelling the word blood just incase Mugi was listening and is terrified of blood.

“we will do a B L O O D test, but after your next visit because I want you to trust me first. We can’t meet and I ask you to do all these things before you can trust me.”

“I trust you already,” my insides were screaming, “you have owned my son, what more can a mother as of a doctor?”

You see why this doctor stole my heart?

His last words

“Call me after 7 days of following the prescription and give me an update of how my boy is doing, so we are not on a prescription that is not working. See you in 2 weeks.

It’s been a while since I last heard Mugi cough and whereas he would have a flu first week after going back to school, he has no sign of the flu since he started school.

Thank you Dr. Waris =) Hope you get to read this blog post one day and know that we appreciate your baby heart.

N.B Not a sponsored post, I just loved the Doctor


Happy Parenting

  • azurri13

    Agreed…..visited him last month and was really impressed first of all with how much he appreciates your feelings and instincts as a mother with regard to my child’s health….it felt like we were walking through the diagnosis together and by the time I left, i felt so much better with regard to what I knew and what I should look out for and most of all, that here was a doctor who’s first instinct is not to prescribe but first understand the child from the person who knew her best…ME 🙂

  • Leila In Laikipia

    Dr Waris is absolutely amazing!! I had been to different doctors for my daughter. And one month of an inhaler and now Thank God no more coughs. Now he is my kids paed, I drive from Nanyuki to Nbi. God bless him.

    • Susan Wangui Mukora

      True…Dr Waris.. really is good with kids and knows his stuff too. He has treated both my boys …One of them was quite little at the time and had bronchiolitis. … Never suffered from it again….

  • Samora

    Who is this Doctor Waris?

  • June

    awwww so sweet! he is the very best, no? We need more like him

  • Cindy

    He is a terrific doctor… Very child friendly, my kids love him… Wish they had more doctors like him in America!!! One that actually cares about your childs well being!!!


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