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Potty training is not for the faint hearted for sure, even worse when the firstborn took to the potty in 1 week, and in a month or so he was off diapers because he would wake up at night if he wanted to pee, come to your bed to wake you up so you take him to the bathroom. Enter Maya in 2016 and 1 year 6 months later I was like, diapers are the most expensive and essential thing we buy in this house, time to get over those things, they are not good for the environment anyway.

So our journey to potty train started, the girl would not even look at the potty twice, then we shelved the idea and 1 month later we tried and she peed because well, she had this dance and look just before she peed or pooped and so I made her sit on the potty and she had no choice. That was the one and only time she accepted to do it.

Nothing could get her to pee in the potty, I started composing songs to convince her to pee in there nothing could make her go. Then I decided to let that challenge go, when she turned 2 years, I thought, its been 2 years, you have a very distinctive poop position, she would start walking up and down and when she finally stood behind the chair then you knew it was out. Then she would come and announce, “Maya she has poopoo”.

Then sometimes she would fart and I couldn’t tell if it’s poop or farting, coz they all smell the same and she would happily let me know, “ I farted in the butt”. When the farts came, then the poop was not far off, the signs and starts had aligned, it was potty training time, again.

So I told my help, no diapers during the day, something has to give, every 20 minutes we would take her to the toilet and ask her to pee, she hated the toilet and since the choice was only potty or toilet, she settled for potty. She hated that every 20 minutes it was Maya let’s go susu, so enough times she would pee on herself.

I was determined to cut the diaper cost by half; this is maybe 2 months of her having more accidents than those moments when she would pee in the potty. As for poop, she would wait till the evening when we were putting her in bed and of course she would have to have the diaper and that’s when she would poop. I was still using 2 diapers a day because she would not poop in the potty.

Eventually, she learned to say susu before she peed on herself or we would see her really trying to stop it from coming out. We would sing praise for her every time she peed in the potty, and then I would also let her pour the pee in the toilet herself. So we eventually managed pee in the potty, not on yourself. she was maybe 2.5 when we nailed this.

For poop time, we kept putting her in the potty when she started the poop walk, we would sit with her in the toilet as she tried to poop, when she did, praise would follow and of course she would pour in the toilet, for some reason she looooves pouring in the toilet, so we leverage that.

Then they went to stay with their dad for some 2 weeks and we forgot to pack the potty and that is how she learned how to sit on the toilet and do her business. So poop is in the toilet nowadays and I am all happy because I don’t have to wash the potty afterward.

What might have helped was during the day, when she said she wanted to pee, I would tell her wait a few minutes, ill take you to pee, this probably helped her learn how to hold her pee, just a little longer, hence fewer accidents.

Enter night diaper: to be honest, I was ready to do night diapers until maybe 4 years because I really hate waking up or even the kids just to go pee, what will happen if they lose sleep and now I have to entertain them, I might as well buy the diaper. So I decided to be taking her to the toilet just before I put her diaper on for bedtime. One day she woke up with a dry diaper and I was thinking, well, lucky night, the next couple of nights were the same.

It’s been 2 weeks since we stopped diapers completely; she has woken up twice at night needing to pee, I don’t mind this kind of waking up. Now just like Mugi, Maya loves water and she drinks enough of it just before bedtime, so far no accidents even with the night water intake. When she wakes up at night, she is looking for water; I take that time to take her to pee. We are now 2 years 10 months.

The trick I have learned with potty training is, get the day training perfectly if they learn how to pee and poop in the potty during the day, the battle is ¾ won, the diapers are reduced by half or more. Night training has happened on its own for both my children after we nailed day potty training, thank you, God! But it’s one that I knew I would not stress over.

Other tricks from moms:

Get a potty that you place on top of the toilet, in case they refuse the regular potty, they come with a step.

Mugi accepted the potty when he saw a friend’s baby use it, learn by seeing.


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