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To offer psychosocial support to the African mothers that empower them and improves their mental health.


Fulfilling motherhood


Who are we

Mum Baby and Love is a safe space, both physical and virtual, that helps mums live a fulfilling motherhood. Through building a support base for them as they start on their journey into motherhood. Our goal is to build a community of mums who help each other cope with motherhood through a network of support groups.  We especially target new mums with a focus on a holistic approach encompassing improved maternal health resulting in fewer cases of post partum depression, physical well being and socio economic support.

Through research, we aim to develop a toolkit that can be used across Africa to improve maternal mental health, advocate for change and implement policies that edge us towards achieving the SDG 3.

We work with specialised skilled professionals in the different stages of motherhood right through labour, birth, breastfeeding and parenting.

Mum Baby and Love is a registered Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, founded in 2013 as the CSR arm of Absolute Media Pictures. Mum Baby and Love was formerly registered in January 2017.

Our Values

  1. Respect for motherhood– Every mother deserves respect irrespective of race, tribe, age, social class
  2. Empathy– We are all different, we understand our difference is what brings us together
  3. Integrity– To deliver whole and realistic motherhood experiences
  4. Responsibility for motherhood– To acknowledge and preserve the culture and traditions that surrounded motherhood
  5. Passion– For life and to bring life

We are mothers without borders

Goals Reach Activities Key Expected Outcome
Support Groups Pre and post partum support for new mothers Increase the number of events to reach mot mothers.

Increase our social media reach

Create more content for our blog

Project Baby Shower events

Weekly updates on our social media platform

Weekly blogging on the website

Training for our content developers

Record fewer cases of Post Partum Depression

Better social support for new mothers

Empowered mothers through information and education, who are better prepared for their new role.

Expansion Increase our community demographic to be more inclusive of mothers in new spaces Slums



Birth preparation classes



Entrepreneurial training

Increased number of hospital births among mothers in the slums.

Economic growth among mothers which in turn affects their decision regarding, family planning, early marriages and life goals

Uptake of NHIF services offered by the government

Rural areas Birth Preparation classes


Inclusion of Traditional Birth Assistants in training and encouraging mothers to seek professional assistance during birth

Adaptation of safer ways of birth and baby care including Pre-Natal visits, hospital birth

Better equipped TBAs to take mothers through pregnancy and birth this will reduces maternal and child mortality

Motherhood Culture Documentation of culture surrounding motherhood in different communities Visit different communities around the country and talk to grandmothers about the process from pregnancy, labour and birth and care. Video, audio and written research. Preserve the culture surrounding motherhood for history purposes.

Encourage communities to let go of practices that are potentially harmful to both mother and child.

Mum Baby and Love Goals 2017-2020




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