Worries of a Mother



Before you give birth you never ever think that you would need to worry about a thing because your little baby will be showered with love and attention they will never be in lack. In fact, we worry more about the birth process than we do for when baby comes. And to be honest, no one ever prepares you for life with the new baby, the best they tell you is that remember to have time for your husband. Little do we know that when baby comes, the list of worries is endless, actually it is totally endless.


  1. Should be put to sleep on the back, tummy or side? – for some reason you know people who swear by all three sleeping positions
  2. Sleeps too long at night
  3. Wakes up after every 30 minutes
  4. Can I put him in our bed, in our room in his own bed or should it be in his own bed in his own room
  5. Is he getting enough milk? Is breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months okay? Baby will not get hungry and my milk will be insufficient
  6. How do I increase my breast milk?
  7. Should I bath him daily or once every two-days?
  8. Which diapers should I use
  9. He has not doubled his weight at 6 months I know one baby who doubled at 3 months, am I doing something wrong

10. At how old should I put him in a sitting position

11. Is starting to eat, what do I feed him

12. Has not pooped for the last one week- did you know breastfed babies can go for up to 14 days without poop? They need to susu though

13. I am going to the salon for 2 hours, will my baby be okay?

14. Is sucking his fingers, I do not want him to have funny looking teeth

15. Doesn’t have teeth yet and he is 6 months, I know a baby who’s teeth came at 5 months

16. Is not turning over from back to tummy yet

17. Started crawling too early, is that okay

18. Should I use a walker or let him learn on his own

19. How do I get my baby to take water

20. Which formula is good when you start substituting breastfeeding with formula

21. Is it normal for baby to bite? I need him to stop

22. When do I start feeding Weetabix/meat/chicken…this list never ends

23. Will not take the bottle and I am going back to work, what do I do?

24. I do not want my baby to have a flat head but I also was told that I should put baby to sleep on his back, what to do

25. At what age should I put my baby on a carrier

26. Where do I get my baby’s birth certificate?

27. My baby has a rash

28. Should I use cot bumpers? What about SIDS? Is my baby cold or warm at night?

29. Potty training

30. When do I start using a sippy cup exclusively-actually I need an answer for this one

31. As I said the list is endless

So dear soon to be new mum, giving birth is the easier part, takes about 9 months and a couple of hours in the labour room, the real job begins when baby is born, please remember to enjoy the ride, it gets easier with time- cliché but true.


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