What Kind of Mum Are You?


Which mum do you think you are? The cautious mom, paranoid mom or Dettol mom/Free spirited mom? I saw this question online and here is my analysis.



Paranoid mum

Will not let the baby play outside without supervision, her supervision.

Believes she is the only one who can care for her child- she would rather quit her job, have everything come to her including salon just so that she doesn’t leave her baby.

If she can’t quit her job, she would rather hire 2 nannies so that one is with the baby 24/7.

Always has a pack of wipes so that when baby crawls for 2 minutes she is ‘sterilized’

Will hinder her baby from achieving milestones because of fear, eg. Will not let baby crawl because the floor is where people step on with their feet.

Will probably blend her baby’s food till they turn 3 because she is afraid they can’t chew.

Has the hardest time during cold season as she is wondering what might harm my baby more, the dirt (despite the fact that the house was sterilised 2 times through the day) or the fact that baby will get cold while taking a shower (despite the fact that she has a heater).

Excuse me Omo, dirt is good ni wewe, no dirt not unless you plan on being a farmer and we can’t tell till you are 18 years.

Extra curricular activities- chess, scrabble, crossword puzzles, and any other board games.

You don’t discipline your child, it makes them hard-core.

If her baby climbs a ‘dangerous’ place like book shelf she will, Oh! wait the bookshelf was sold when she got a baby because she was child proofing her house.

When her baby sleeps too much (3 hours), she will check on them every 30 minutes toddler years not excluded even when the baby can sleep through the night 7-7.

Her main worry is that she might have forgotten something to worry about.


Cautious mum

The cautious mum would rather wash her baby only when the sun is out even though she has a heater. ‘Dirt has never killed anyone but cold has’ is what she tells herself.

She will form a perfect circle using furniture in her house to make sure baby has something to hold onto as she start learning how to walk.

Will let things go in the mouth as long as they are sterilised.

If baby can chew it, she will be allowed, but baby has to show the initiative.

She will watch as baby is taken for a walk, just to be sure all is fine.

A day’s dirt is all that my baby can take, so house is cleaned spotless every morning before baby wakes up and no soil/sand at the moment please.

Extra curricular activities- painting, piano, swimming

She will grab the baby before he falls then update about how we should be careful coz baby climbed on the bookshelf after she turned for 1 minute.

She will watch as someone else feeds the baby, washes the baby, and changes the diaper.

Her main worry is that someone else can do it, but are they good enough?


Free Spirit Mum

Baby will go on the floor at the first sign of wanting to crawl.

Putting things in the mouth is a sign of baby has learnt hand mouth coordination and not oh dear! the germs.

She will teach her baby how to fall and land on the bum, not prevent her baby from walking for fear of falling.

Soon as baby starts crawling they are out of their hands, mum will not always look for shoes to make sure the baby’s feet stay clean. That is why soap was made anyway is their cleanliness motto.

Finger foods are what keeps babies busy at meal times, who knew a chicken bone could keep a baby so busy.

When baby falls, they clap and tell them ‘yeah! Look who is learning how to walk, clap for baby’ as baby joins in on the clapping.

Understands that bruises are a part of growing.

Dirt builds immunity is what they believe.

Extra curricular activities- skating, biking (not tri-cycle), motor cross, football, racing

She will grab the camera before baby falls, then share the pic with a smily face =)

Will let an older sibling take the baby for a walk

Her main worry is that she doesn’t worry enough


Happy Parenting =)

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