Week 4 pregnant: The Stubborn Poppy Seed


Congratulations! Your baby is the size of a poppy seed, that is the message that Baby Centre sends when you are 4 weeks pregnant? Poppy seed? How big is that? Because I have been feeling like my baby is the size of a lorry!

Poppy seed never makes sense until you google the size of a poppy see or you actually see it then it hits you, that is the most stubborn poppy seed size thing I have every seen. A poppy seed to me is the size of a sugar granule, a full stop in bold ….. There you have 5 poppy seeds. To imagine what you are feeling is because so lil man or lady the size of a poppy seed is the one making you feel that sounds like a joke.


The bloating, this is the most uncomfortable feeling one can experience. Forget the scientific explanation behind bloating, to imagine that a poppy seed is making your tummy swell twice it’s size and the need to fart becomes a basic human right is simply ridiculous.

The backache, does that even make sense? A poppy seed is making your backache; so painful you can hardly lift anything. Clothes weigh more than a poppy seed and we are in them the whole day, never even once have we said they are too heavy, the ridiculous pain caused by a baby the size of a poppy seed in my womb is unbelievable.

Fatigue, I remember the fatigue, tired all the time, yawning every other minute, everyone asking you why are you so tired and because you are hardly 4 weeks you can’t tell them that you are pregnant so you just say, ‘I don’t know why, I think I have too much on my mind, I need to take a break,’ little do they know that a poppy seed is making you feel like you have been pushing a lorry everyday all day.

Insomnia, oh! Where art thou dear sleep? I remember those sleepless nights, tossing and turning because a baby the size of a poppy seed was growing inside of me. This reminds me about the story of the princess and the pea, after 20 mattresses, she could not sleep because there was something under the mattress. So one cannot sleep because there is a poppy seed in the womb, yeah equally ridiculous.

Constipation! Seriously poppy seed, you can make life that crazy for a woman, constipation that often comes with haemorrhoids, does this even begin to explain the shock that a mother goes through? That because of a poppy seed I am constipated!

Need to pee. Somebody needs to explain this, you know when the baby is about the size of a pineapple, it makes sense, because if you have a pineapple sitting on your bladder all day there is little space to store urine so need to pee is real, but a poppy seed?

So there you have it, we have found the world’s most stubborn poppy seed ever!

Happy pregnancy

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