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Goodness the month is coming to an end and it would be a crime for me not to write about this no matter how long a hiatus I have been taking away from blogging… This has in fact been one of my worst months in blogging – insert sad face emoji, so sad and add a tear if you can- but this month April is the Caesarian Section Awareness month and this is the month my second baby is set to arrive, in 2 weeks I will be a mother of 2 – insert long stare emoji or is it I am afraid and excited at the same time emoji-

I do not watch Bi Msafiri at all I don’t even know which channel she comes on but social media has somehow made me meet her and one time there was a vent that she said CS mothers ‘hawajui utamu wa kuwa mama, walipewa watoto’ …. Take a seat woman and let me tell you, being a mother has nothing to do with how my baby came to this earth. Being a mother has everything to do with what I have been since my baby came. If we were to be put on a scale ‘not a weighing scale, you win that of course’ (I have been reading lots of Biko Zulu articles, the sarcasm) but on a motherhood scale, my score blows away the roof, I don’t know about yours and I have only 3 years to prove it and one heck of an intelligent, kind, strong, courageous, respectful, adorable and handsome boy to show.

Well, this post is not about Bi Msafiri really it’s about C section, one of those topics that you think you never really need to write about because mothers who have had CSes are not considered warriors, yet we endured the knife and came out alive, we have an eternal scar to show for it, one that we had not anticipated for most of us and a heart full of love, a whole lot more of physical healing to do and sometimes emotional because we went under the knife, at the bat of an eye. We risked our life to save that of our angels, damn! What more sacrifice can one expect from a mother?

CS is a choice that few mums make during birth, the rate of emergency C Section compared to elective, especially for a first time mums is not comparable. Though mums will tell their stories with courage of how they received the news and knew that it was the best decision, few will say that it was the hardest decision they had to make in a split second, that it was 10,000 emotions going on inside them and they had to say the word as the doc stood there and waited. Perhaps it’s one they had to make in between a contraction or even during a contraction because it meant life and death for her baby and even herself. CS mums are warriors and no we are not the average warrior, we were willing to lay down our lives for our angles when all we had was a heartbeat to attach to them. 

To the Bi Msafiris and the like minded mums who think we are afraid of the pain, thinker! We are warrior mums who emerged victorious in the face of the knife and went ahead to become amazing mums. My favourite statement has been, Don’t judge my motherhood according to how I gave birth, that I have no control over, judge me according to how I am parenting my child and let’s take the scores from there.

CSection awareness month

Happy Parenting Warrior Mums 


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