To Every Mom: Happy Mother’s Day


Today I got home in the evening and my daughter had a runny nose, she had been cranky all day and had refused her dinner. I held her close to me and her head was a lil bit hot, no fever, just the flu that made her want nothing other than to be carried the whole day. My help did literary nothing the whole day other than carrying her. So to the mother;

Who is trying to figure out your work schedule and taking care of your kids, waking up early to leave for work so you can be back early before the baby goes down for the night, cursing when you have to sit at a meeting that goes on past time, wondering about your baby in the middle of a financial meeting at work. You got this, Happy Mother’s Day

Who is at home with the kids, probably 3 under threes and you have to make sure your house doesn’t fall apart, the kids are taken care of, healthy, well fed, take their naps, the house is cleaned, laundry is done and they are entertained through the day. For the times you forget and hold a hot sufuria because you were distracted by a lil person crying for your attention as you are trying to get food ready. You got this, Happy Mother’s Day

Who is reading this waiting in the hospital triage because your baby has come down with something else, you had to do another hospital trip because you baby needs the attention. Sleep deprived because you probably did not sleep yesterday and could not wait for morning to take baby to the hospital. You got this, Happy Mother’s Day.

Who is at home, thinking about her children who are all grown and already left the cradle and they have their own families. Grandchildren have become your favourite part of the day, or week, or month or even year as they remind you fondly of your days as a young mother. Sitting down, watching the TV, knitting another sweater because another grandchild is about to be born, your husband went to dwell with the angels and you miss the good ol’ times, the fights, the laughter. You got this, Happy Mother’s Day.

Who is juggling school and motherhood, you have to be in class and leave your child so that you can have a better future for yourself and for them. You burn the midnight oil so you can be better. Your child is probably with the grandma because you cannot afford to be in school and raise them at the same time. Your heart aches to hold them and cuddle them, school will soon be over. You got this, Happy Mother’s Day.

Who just became a mother after trying for years on end to get pregnant, fertility medication became your life and finally, the baby is in your hands. Yet not to sound ungrateful, you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t have the slighted idea on what you are doing. All you know is that you really wanted a baby and they are finally here, the years of waiting and the 9 months did not prepare you enough. Don’t worry; you got this, Happy Mother’s Day.

Who is knocking on the neighbour’s door for the umpteenth time to seek shelter because the husband will not let them sleep in peace, the discovery of another pregnancy is making you sick because he threatened to throw you out when you got pregnant with the last born. The nights may be long and cold but there is hope for tomorrow. I pray for a restful night and no, don’t worry; you got this, Happy Mother’s Day

To the newly wed who got pregnant while on honeymoon and now you are trying to figure out marriage and motherhood all at the same time. From experience, none of them can be figured out, so enjoy both the best way you know how and don’t worry; you got this, Happy Mother’s Day.

Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, there are better days to come, to the overwhelmed mom, it gets easier, to the single mom, it gets easier, to the stay at home mom, it gets better, to the working mom, it gets better, to the new mom it gets easier, to the grandmom I think does get better. Enjoy the process.


Happy Parenting

Happy Mother’s Day


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