That Damned Cradle Cap



So with the whole natural hair movement going on, I decided that I was going to do a hair regime for my daughter, as all mothers like to do. Shampoo, then use all those oils I read on Kurlly Diaries that I should use. I decided to start with extra virgin olive oil EVOO. As the weeks rolled, I thought to myself how lucky I was to not experience cradle cup with Maya. Mugi had it but it was for a short while, less than two weeks. So the universe had decided to treat me with no cradle cap for the girl.

When she was about 7 weeks old, I was sitting in the sun, doing our soak in the sun time and I happened to inspect her scalp! the shock. I felt like a had been punched in the gut at the thought of how long that cradle cap had formed and gone unnoticed. I took my trusted olive oil and ‘anointed’ her. Then 2 hours later, I took a comp and lifted whatever flakes had soaked in the oil and were loose enough, I brushed them off with her hair brush. I became obsessed with making sure her scalp was clear.

For a whole month every 4 days I would scrap off a layer of cradle cap, the damn! thing kept recurring, isn’t olive oil the goddess of the oils, isn’t it supposed to sort out all the skin issues that may arise? Second month into using the olive oil, it dawned on me that I used Johnson and Johnson oil, that pink nice smelling one on Mugi and we never had recurring issues. So I took the olive oil to the kitchen and started Maya on JnJ oil. One week later, we were done with the damn! cradle cap. I like being a natural mom, in fact my permed hair life is a total of 4 years and I never really enjoyed them, kept going back to my kink after a year or so. But, lets just say the holy grail of oils in the natural world did not work for my kids cradle cap.

If you are not one of the luck ones whom mother nature spares with cradle cap free days, here is how to take care of that cradle cap on your newborn.


  • Hair brush
  • Baby comb
  • Liquid oil-  Johnsons & Johnson
  • Wash clothe
  • Warm water
  • Towel
  • Soap

How to clean it

  1. This can be done during bath time.
  2. Wash the baby’s head with warm water, use the comb to bring up any flakes that are not attached to the skin, use the brush to remove any flakes that pass through the comb.
  3. Dry the baby’s head
  4. Apply a generous amount of the oil, make sure that it gets to the scalp.
  5. Leave it to ‘soak’ over night
  6. In the morning, use the comb to bring up and flakes, do not wet the hair – make sure that you do not scrub the scalp with the comb and cause irritation. Do not force the flakes out.
  7. Use the brush to brush off excess flakes.
  8. Do this continuously till it clears, this may take a week or 2 depending on how much cradle cap the baby had.

It’s very important to oil the baby’s head as it moisturises and makes sure that the drying doesn’t leave an open wound

NB. Do not be tempted to pull off the flakes, just comb them out.

Happy Parenting


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