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CHEWING, we have many mums wondering how to stop blending their baby’s food and when and if the baby will be able to chew and swallow without choking or sometimes it’s even, my baby doesn’t have teeth… well your baby can actually chew with his gum.

So how can you teach your child how to chew, many ways, when I started weaning I bought my son a cloth sieve ‘thingy’, (the one in the pic above) where you put a fruit inside and then close it and baby has to chew to get the juice out, so we used that for the first month and at that time, I was blending his food, then at 7 months, I started by giving him mashed banana that was not sieved and so he started knowing that food can at times have lumps and in two days, i stopped blending his food but mashed it with a folk. By 9 months, I stopped mashing all together, I just made sure that his food was soft enough for him to chew.

When you start giving mashed food, they might gag at first because they were used to just swallowing, do not give up, after a few spoons, they will learn and start chewing. The longer you blend their food the longer it will take for them to accept mashed food.

The other way you can teach them how to chew is by giving finger foods, like fish fingers, baked potatoes, broccoli, french beens (michiri), soft cooked carrots, anything that they can hold and bite into as they play along, just make sure that it is soft so that if baby bite through they can swallow.

NB. A lot of mums do not blend foods at the point of weaning they go straight to mashing which works just perfect. Your baby needs to have good neck control and can sit up at the point of weaning to avoid hazards like chocking.


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