So? Baby Number 2?


So? When is baby number 2 coming?

I am not sure where to start this article, because I have heard this questions so many times, so many if I had a dollar for every time I heard it, I would quit my job =) this question here goes into my list of what not to say to a new mother or should it be a mother of one?

baby number 2

I gave birth about 3 years ago, it will be 3 in December and only I know what experience I had, from the pregnancy, the sleepless nights, to the bloating, weight gain! Oh the weight gain! the backaches the swollen feet all those were experienced by me and so only I know or understand when I am ready to go through that again.

Labour is not your mother, #someonetellouryounggirls no seriously, when you ask me about baby number 2, I think about the 21 hours of labour, I think about the pop sound I heard when my water broke, I think about the puking in the delivery room as I was being asked to eat something, I think about the contractions, I don’t remember that pain but I remember I was in pain, that is enough, I think about the having to walk around with a drip in my hand because I was being induced. So please let me take my time with baby number 2

I have said before that the goddess of weight looked upon me generously when I was pregnant. I think about the weight, I think about my tummy that is yet to go I know I need to trim before I start all over again because I understand that it takes longer to lose the weight when you have accumulated it for a while.

I remember being wheel to theatre and asking for my husband every 30 seconds, I remember thinking maybe I was too weak for labour, maybe I should have waited another 4 hours, maybe I should have walked more when I was pregnant, I should have worked out better, swum for longer, maybe. I remember having to make a decision if I should go completely under or have a local anaesthesia in the middle of a contraction, something I thought my husband could decide but the doctors wanted my word.

Our son, God bless Gina Ford has been sleeping through the night and we have not know sleepless nights with him, but I wonder will the second one be the same? Will potty training be as easy as it was? Have we embraced Mugi enough, yeah! I am a mummy hog when it comes to my baby. I know with every baby, your hands as a mums are stretched and your heart expands and you are able to love 2 kids equally, I need that to move from head knowledge to heart knowledge before baby number 2.

There are joys of motherhood that I can’t even begin to write about, but if it was that easy we would be poping babies every other year without giving ourselves a break.

I have read stories online of mums who have been waiting for number 2 for years; I have therefore been very intentional not to ask that question. It could be an open wound that is never said, she could have had miscarriages, she could have been trying for years, she could have gotten sick and can’t actually get another baby, she could still be going through post-partum depression and wants nothing to do with pregnancy, the last pregnancy almost claimed her life. The possibilities of why number 2 is not yet home are as varied as every mother and just as we shouldn’t ask a couple, married for however long, when the kids are coming, lets not ask about number 2.

Happy Parenting


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