Should the Nanny Wash My Baby?



Should you let your house help wash your baby? Oooh, I feel like I just opened a ponderous box and this question is just one out of the many that a new mum has to ask herself before she gives birth and if she makes the mistake of asking it on social media in any mum group, woe unto her she will get as many opinions and there are mother and some will even lash out at her calling her lazy!

Asking this on social media is like asking if you should tummy sleep, back sleep or side sleep your baby, let me spare you the trouble, don’t ask that on social media, you will be sent links from here to Nineveh, then every other mom who doesn’t have a link because they all support one style will tell you from experience those links are lies, then the remaining mums will tell you to follow your instincts because you will somehow know.

You know I realised that we often prescribe to each other what we think works or believe works. If your baby has a rash, you go online and ask mums what could be the cause, how can you treat it and how can you prevent future breakouts. Online is me and a host of other mums who think since our baby had the same rash then it should be treated the same way, so we give our prescription, only for the same mum to come back after a month and say how they tried all those suggestions and none has worked. We often ask for other mums’ opinion for 2 reasons;

It is cheaper, instead of going to see a doctor, you pay 2,000-5,000 on consultation fee only, then they prescribe medicine worth 285/= and you feel like you could have figured that out without paying 2,000 or better still ask mums online. Seriously these doctors need to come up with a better or do I say cheaper way of helping us.

All it takes is my phone and data, how convenient, that I can get solutions without queuing for 1 hour to be seen for 3 minutes and 42 seconds. I think Hello Doctor is such a brilliant idea, better than my over the counter prescription or now Social media prescription. Whoever came with the Hello Doctor idea needs a pat on the back, because I can just call and ask, test all those opinions I get from mum groups and get professional help while at it. Thank you Hello Doctor, you have saved this mum. Okay as I digress

Back to our question should your house help wash your baby? Well this might not be one of those posts that you read and get a final answer, because there are no two homes that can be run the same and what one mother considers extremely important another thinks that it can be done by the house help.

A single first time mum just got home from hospital and she has never in the life of her washed a baby, her house help 37 year old with 5 children of her own is all she has for support with those options, who is better placed to wash the baby? I would go with the house help. Get all the help you can especially if your house help is experienced; be open to let her be a part of the raising your baby.

Of course bathing your baby has it’s benefits, you get to bond with them, examine your baby especially for mums who work during the day, this is a great time to just check out your baby. Do not however, be caught up in the I have to wash my baby web that even if you get home at mid night that is when they will shower, if your house help has been with the baby the whole day, changed their diaper and their clothes and you think it’s an abomination to wash your baby then there is a problem.

Wash your baby whenever you can, but if you can’t then don’t beat yourself about it.

N.B Always exercise caution, if you think she can’t then do it yourself or teach her.

Happy Parenting


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