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Well, I got a head start with my 2012 baby, we took him to school last year for play group. Most 2012 babies are starting school today or tomorrow and maybe some 2013 babies, esp early 2013. Day 1 is probably going to be the best day ever for your baby, the joy of seeing other children, being away from home, just playing in a new environment, that is something they will absolutely enjoy. Some will probably cry because they have never been away from you or the nanny and so this strange place is too much for them. Don’t worry.

Separation anxiety when school starts is common on both the parents and the toddler. Tears are involved but it sure helps if you have an older child in school already, the toddler has been looking forward to joining his sibling in school so this school business is most welcome for them.

Day 1

They will enjoy, get to explore the new space, love the food, love playing with other children. The teachers play a big role to ensure that their day 1 is perfect, they know them by name and encourage interaction.

As for you the parent, you will probably shed a tear as you see him walk away as soon as you drop him off and you are left wondering, just like that, he is gone and I cease to exist. Don’t worry, those tears are common but tables may soon turn.

For other children, it might be strange and dreadful and they will cling and cry and refuse to be left in this new place. This will break your heart more than those who walk away like they could not wait to leave you. Again take heart, tables will turn soon.

Day 2

The ninjas for day 1 will most likely not want to be left in this place where you left them yesterday. To them, yesterday was fun, but mum please don’t push it you mean you will be dropping me off to this place everyday? The will cry and follow you back to the car, they will wail and your heart will break more than it broke yesterday.

The ones who refused to be left yesterday will most likely not want to be left again today, the teacher by now knows what works for them, take heart, hand them over to the teacher and say your good bye, promise to be back to pick them and then leave, it will break your heart again.

Week 2

The rest of the days in that first week will pretty much be the same, by Friday, the tears will be less if any but the sad face will be there.

Remember to thank your lucky star if your baby accepts school without so much of a glance at you. If your baby cries, remember it is normal and this too shall pass.

Week 2 most children have adjusted to going to school and the fact that they know a couple of other kids in the class makes them look forward to school.

Your Role

Talk to them about school when you get home, ask them how it was, what they ate, name of their teacher, any new friend, what toys they played with, their best colour in the class etc. If you can pick them from school even better because they know they can look forward to you picking them the next day.

Involve them in preparing for school, pack their snack in their favourite tin, if you can pack their favourite snack. Arrange the shoes and clothes for the next day so she looks forward to wearing them in the morning, come up with a prepare for school routine.

Reward them for having a good day and every milestone this can be done for the first week only. Remind them as you drop them off that they will get a cookie, a sticker a drive whatever they enjoy if there are no tears. I remember I had to recite this over and over with Mugi, ‘Our agreement is no crying I will come pick you and we can buy xxx (Name your treat). Remember what is rewarded is repeated.

Allow them to carry something that reminds them of home and gives them a sense of security, a toy a blankie anything that is familiar that the teachers can give them to calm them down. Remember to pick it up in the evening.

If you are yet to take your child to school, maybe planning for next term, visit the school before with your child so they have an idea of the place they will be going to.

Cliche this is, but IT GETS EASIER WITH TIME.

Happy New Term


Happy Parenting


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