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Do you know how many times I have had someone ask me, are you feeling bloated? No not because I said my tummy feels funny, just because I am pregnant, the closest resemblance they have of my bulging tummy is how they look when they are bloated. No dear friends, we are not feeling bloated all the time and in fact our bloated tummy and our not bloated tummy look pretty much the same.

Mothers who have only the horror stories to tell new mums, you need to stop, really please do. Or even Nurses in hospitals ill advising mums to cover up their babies ndio asipate pneumonia seriously, which century do you live in, even with the extreme heat you tell mums to dress up their babies in hats, add like 4 layers of clothes and a blanket on top. Please read up, get yourself updated, pneumonia is not caused by not covering up a baby. Hope you know that overheating is what might be causing that pneumonia as the baby sweats, his clothes get soaked and his body has to act as a dryer to the wet clothes, that the new mother can’t tell because you told her to add a blanket on top.

I just got a list from the hospital I am hoping to give birth at (hoping because, I have this crazy feeling I might end up giving birth in the house before I can even make it to the hospital, not funny) and the list has things covered in the package

  1. Pampers
  2. Baby pack
  3. Baby wipes
  4. … you get the flow

I’m like, did they by any chance mean diapers instead of pampers? Well I have to say Pampers Premium, you know the one in a white pack with green highlights, yes that one is really good. So my friends, I have pretty much shopped for everything, but as you all know, you can never have enough diapers, so when you come to see me, carry a pack of Premium, Pampers Premium (insert James Bond voice) and throw in some wipes as well.

Be ware of constipation, age has a way of catching up, when I was expecting my first born, number 2 was not a big deal, I actually never had any case of constipation during pregnancy and even after birth. Enter 2nd pregnancy; I have had to deliberately look for foods rich in fibre. Did you know that constipation tends to intensify for most mums immediately after birth? Well please remember to take your fibre, Weetabix has worked for me very well. With insomnia this last few weeks, I have found that I get hungry at 3 am, then I have to battle with getting out of bed to look for something to eat and every night religiously I have woken up at 4 am to have my 2 weetabix with cold milk and half a teaspoon of sugar. That 4am fix has a way of sending me back to sleep till morning and I get my fibre.

Please prepare for breastfeeding dear pregnant mum, it is one of those things that you might need to practice till you become perfect. That lil mouth needs to open wide enough, then you need to relax, then drink up a lot, then avoid cracked nipples, then make sure you have milk. Oh! Many mums never think they have enough milk; most mums have more than enough milk. The amount you pump and the amount the baby gets from breastfeeding directly are not the same, so don’t think that if you only expressed 40ml, that is the amount your baby gets when they breastfeed, no there is a huge difference. I love hibiscus tea by Winnie’s Pure Health, it really helped me with milk production as I could not take the sour uji my grand mother graciously made, all 20 lts of it, do you know to this day she reminds me I never took her uji! My gift to my new mum friends has always been hibiscus tea, and for some reason, the one by Winnie’s has a way of ‘kushika vizuri’. Yeah I have 3 packets of it ready for when baby comes.

Remember, to learn your baby. I have to admit, when someone asks what they can use for cradle cap, most of the time the answer is olive oil, coconut oil, but in all truth I used the Johnson and Johnson baby oil, you know that pink one that they have somehow managed to capture the baby scent and put it in a bottle? Yes and it worked just perfect for us, a generous amount on his scalp and the following morning we would just comb his hair and brush it and in a couple of days, it was gone, don’t struggle to be like other mums, you can learn from them but remember to follow your instincts.

My go to midwife Lucy Muchiri says, most of the time the problem is not the product but the user. So before you blame a product, not unless it’s causing a skin irritation be sure it’s the right size and also the right age. Don’t buy diapers 2 sizes bigger then you say that it leaks, of course it will because it is ill fitting. Remember to follow instructions when it comes to baby products.

Get yourself a support group, no, this is not a point of negotiation, you need other mums who have just given birth who can be part of your life and help you navigate those nights that you feel like pulling out your hair. The motherhood journey was never meant to be taken alone; you need a way of keeping yourself sane. Ask a couple of your friend who have babies if you can form a whatsapp group, facebook message group, something, a way of keeping in touch and asking questions or just venting.

Those were serious random thoughts I had to share about pregnancy and motherhood, because not everyday do we have a topic to talk about. Actually I should write about my go to products very soon, but first let me get sponsorship from those companies. Pampers, Weetabix, Johnson and Johnson, Winnie’s Pure Health, I am ready to be a brand ambassador, you don’t even need to convince me about your products.

Happy parenting


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