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This is one of those posts that would have been perfect without a write up but I guess we need to give mums a small sneak peak other than pics of what they missed. It was one of those events where you know how amazing it will be for the mums who come but getting them to come is another story all together, however, we were amazed at the turn out but most of all the information that was passed was out of this world great.

Lucy Muchiri
This independent Midwife who recently attempted to count how many babies she has helped delivered and decided to stop at 400 is too hilarious, she had us laughing even when she was talking about labour pains. An amazing exercise she had us do was write down our fear/anxiety VS. our expectations. it was interesting to note that they were shared almost by all the mums present.

Project Baby Shower-41

Fear / Anxiety Expectations
Pain Smooth transition into motherhood
Breastfeeding Healthy (Chubby) Baby
Recovery process Calm baby
Washing a newborn Joy and Happiness
First poop Freedom from anxiety
Post Partum Depression Hold the baby and fall in love
Perfect Birth place Hind sight strength
Support and Health Happy baby
Look alike baby


Wanjiku Kanyottu

She is absolutely passionate about parenting and has 3 babies, so far =) she has something that every mum would want, Precipitate Labour, this is when labour takes 3 hours or less, she however, had HG which means the Gods just had to smile on her when it came to labour. She talked about preventing post partum depression, taking care of a new baby and coming up with a routine that favours both baby and mother, she also talked about house helps.

Project Baby Shower-151

Evelyne Kong’oro

A lactation specialist, as you already know, breastfeeding is one of the top fears and anxieties that new mums face, she became interested in breastfeeding after her own experience with it and decided she would help as many mums as she could to overcome the barrier and have a great experience with breastfeeding. Milk is not produced at the breasts, it is produced in the mind, so being stable, peace of mind and avoiding stress is equal to milk.

Project Baby Shower-182

Hope that has wet your appetite for the next PBSke.

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