Only a Parent Would Understand


Only parents would understand a yoghurt stain or juice stain on your shirt and the baby is clean, because they know you always carry a change of clothes for the baby and not for yourself.

Only parents would understand that it is perfectly normal for the house to look like this at 8:13 AM, when the baby woke up at 8:10 and you took 2 minutes to do diaper change- because it takes not more than 30 seconds to turn the house upside down.








Only parents would understand why your spectacles have finger prints- as the best, the worst could be milk or even food- because the prints remind them that the lil one was here.

Only parents would understand the importance of de-worming because the things that the lil one eats and drinks are out of this world, from toilet water to the plunger. The crawling bugs and the shoes are not spared either.

Only parents would understand that this is not dangerous but genius.










Only parents would understand that jumping, clapping and standing is not a normal thing but a huge milestone to be celebrated and you need to make a big deal out of it.

Only a Parent would understand how a tub of vaseline can be used at one go and in less than a minute. You blink and the whole thing is on their face, hair, clothes and then they smile at you to show you they know what vaseline is used for.

Only parents would understand that this is not messy but a class in session



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