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The goddess of pregnancy was not easy on me when it came to weight, I have seen many friends pregnant and all that changed was the budging tummy, everything else was constant. I have seen some eat their hearts out and still no weight was added. I was not that kind, I was the other kind, the kind that any chocolate chip cookie I ate settled on my hips, thighs, face, arms, tummy and even toes and fingers. Every Java mango milkshakes was stored somewhere for later use, my amazing metabolism not withstanding and attempts to walk everyday.

With every clinic visit, I had added not 1 not 2 sometimes up to 5kgs, I was convinced that the weighing machine at the clinic was broken because according to the food ration the weight I piled on 5 Kgs was too much for a month. I never thought much about it, I am pregnant, if you see my tummy don’t ask about my weight gain. I never ate for two but my body seemed to pile on weight for 2.

Most mums’ story goes something like this, I did not know I was pregnant, I just started feeling nauseated, I would vomit in the morning I missed my periods and that is when I did my pregnancy test and it turned out positive. By the time the first trimester was over, I had lost 5 kgs I loved 2nd trim it was like the honeymoon of marriage but now pregnancy, I was glowing, I started gaining weight, I craved githeri and pilau at first then mukimo the samaki from Mama Oliech. I was so happy to see the weighing scale go up because compared to the nausea and vomiting of the first 12 weeks, I was walking on the moon. 3rd trimester I was loooving the weight gain, I had gained back the 5 kgs and added 8 more. My feet would swell at times, I still had wiered craving, chilli was present in all my food I could not stand spicy food so my husband had to contend with boiled food. The kicks aww but they became so intense sometimes I would feel pain. My face and hair enjoyed the most, I have never had such smooth face, you know when someone says that you have a pregnancy glow, yeap that was me and my face, loved the soft baby skin. The hair seemed to have hormones of it’s own, the kind of growth that happens is to die for…

This was my story, I added a couple of kgs and this was evident because my clothes were fitting a lil bit too tight, I suspected I was pregnant and ask husband if we could have our scheduled post wedding photoshoot before my dress stopped fitting. After the shoot, this was about 4 weeks in the red robot showed up not, I told my husband and we bought a pregnancy kit, I peed on the stick and yeap, I was pregnant. It made sense why I had been craving chocolate chip cookies and at times I would have a whole pack by myself. At 5 weeks we went for our first gynae visit and I who had been 58kg for as long as I could remember was declared 61 kgs, the next visit I was 65, the next 71 by the time we were in 3rd trimester I was 78.

My face has always been baby smooth, I never cared so much about the products I used, the whole night regime of soaking, cleansing, cleaning, wrapping and everything else ladies do to keep their face smooth. An evening shower and Vaseline was good enough for me. 2nd trimester I had the worst acne I have ever seen, tinny ugly black spots, my face was always shinning (guess that is why people kept on saying I was glowing). I went down 4 shades of foundation, not that I was using any but I became black, not dark. My face was feeling the whole weight story, my cheeks swelled up twice and the nose and feet was not left behind either.

I loved how my hair came in to save the day, exponential potential, it’s like I was baptised in fertiliser every morning and braids could not last 2 weeks. I loved that I did not experience nausea and vomiting and hating smells ok I hated Ethiopian food. I however had the worse taste in my mouth in the first trimester that at some point I wished I could have been stricken by vomiting and nausea, the only thing that seemed to take it away was chewing on plastic! I now understand why pregnancy is close to insanity.

I craved nothing specific, ok, I craved food as Judy Wanderi would say the pregnancy goddess had stricken me with the appetite of 12 pigs. I did not eat a lot I ate all the time, little meals through out the day.

The kicks, aww the kicks, I lived for those tiny nudges that reminded me that I was doing just fine. I was a teacher during my pregnancy and enough times I caught myself almost telling my 9 year old students, look, the baby is moving, do you want to feel? they would have thought me nuts and probably reported me to the administration, I wonder what harassment that would have fallen under.

9 months later, I was 85+ Kgs and gave birth to a 3.8 Kg baby and unlike other mums who’s story as you would imagine goes something like this: I lost 10 kgs immediately I gave birth, you know the amniotic fluid, the baby, the placenta then through breastfeeding by the time we were 3 months I was back to my usual weight, I did not need to work out, just breastfeed. I on the other hand after giving birth I went down to 80, by the time I got home I was still at 80, I breastfed and lost all of 2 kg, this my goddess got jokes. The I had to work out the other kgs. I walked, skipped, had dates with Shaunt T every morning as we did Hip Hop Abs, I tried running it did not work. I carried my baby every day for 1 hour to go shop and back home just to work it out. By the time I was done, 1 year later I had gone back to my 58 kgs but my tummy, oh! that stubborn mummy tummy has just refused to go.

Enjoy your pregnancy, live every day as if you will go into labour tomorrow, because the weight can be lost, so don’t worry when it comes pilling on, enjoy the ice-cream, enjoy the milk shake. then prepare to work out after


Happy Pregnancy


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