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Is the myth that girls come 2 weeks earlier and boys 2 weeks later from your EDD true or just a myth? Lucy gives a hearty laugh and says it’s just that a myth, infact, if your last pregnancy baby came late, it is likely that the next pregnancy baby might come late as well, now that is not what you want to hear when you have been holding the myth as true and are expecting a girl.

What is your greatest anxiety as a new mum, as you wait for your baby, what is it that you feel most anxious about? That was the question that started our class, as the new mums mentioned their fear, I realised that experience presents a new fear/anxiety, all their fears were the same. How will I know what my baby needs, will I know the different cries? What if I can’t get them to calm down? A question I think Lucy anticipates from all first time mums and so even the video of the day was about differentiating the different cries, something I did not know.

As a second time mum, my anxiety is balancing; will I be able to balance taking care of both children? Will I be able to overcome the issues I had with my first? Things I have taught mums to relax about? For example will I be able to let someone else take care of my baby as I take a looooong break? I have talked about all this and I know they are the things that took me to the edge of post partum depression but will I be able to overcome them? Yes that is the difference between a new mum and a not new mum.

Did you know that babies have 5 different cries? For hunger, discomfort, sleep, tummy discomfort and another one I can’t remember, yes pregnancy brain is a real thing. You need to watch the video to see how different those cries are, yet as a new mum, the first thing we think about when baby cries is they need food, yet if the cry is for tummy discomfort, breastfeeding will cause more discomfort (indigestion) even though it gives temporary relief.

Then we had a practical session, how to change a diaper, you know those things that you know and don’t even know how you know? Well diaper changing was one of them for me. I knew how to change a diaper, but I don’t remember learning how to. For a newborn, just make sure that it doesn’t cover the umbilical cord before it falls off, soon as the stump is down then you can cover it, so make a fold at the front to ensure that it doesn’t rub against the stump. Use cotton wool and water when you are at home and baby wipes when you are away from home, saves a coin. Have a nappy, yes those square ones that our parents used to use back then, use it under the baby as you are changing diaper because they will most likely pee when you remove the diaper and you don’t want to mess everything, use zinc and castor around the diaper area with every diaper change to prevent diaper rash. Ok I will not give more info on this, if you are pregnant maybe you should do take the birth class =)

Then one mother asked, there is always a mother who will ask this question, do you tummy sleep, side sleep or back sleep? The look on Lucy’s face as she said “I was hoping no one will ask that question was priceless,” then I tried to come to her rescue. Find the position that is best for your baby, you might back sleep and they wail or side sleep and they keep crying or waking up after 20 minutes then when you tummy sleep they do a good long nap for 2-3 hours, so with that I would just tummy sleep. But she wanted the input of the midwife; I loved her response on this, ‘before mothers were told tummy-sleeping causes SIDS, but even when they started back sleeping, there were cot deaths as well and so it cannot be said that tummy sleeping is the sole cause of SIDS. As a Medical practitioner, side sleep or back sleep, as a mother what worked for me was tummy sleeping which, I decided on after watching my babies and seeing what worked for them.’

How to swaddle, this one I will gladly tell you to go on youtube and look for a video you just can’t explain.

This article does not do justice to the wealth of information I got from the birth class, how do you dress you baby to make sure they are not too hot or too cold? How do you know they are cold or hot? When can I leave the house? Vaccinations? How to burp- burping is so big I think I will do a demo video when I finally give birth. Scheduling your baby, when should I start scheduling? What schedule works? That class left me wiser and better.


Lucy is an Independent Mid-wife and has a birth centre EvesMama, give them a call and get the help you need in preparation for birth.


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