My Ariel with a Touch of Downy story


My grin as I received my sample Ariel with a touch of Downy

My grin as I received my sample Ariel with a touch of Downy

I have to admit, I love Ariel, if you are like me then you hardly change your products, brand loyalty. In fact, I have thought to myself how I should seek a Brand Ambassador’s job (P&G hint hint) because when I believe in a product I will not waver. I was introduced to Ariel by my Toi Market lady, I was buying clothes for my son and I remember telling her that I have to go, boil them, soak them in detergent, boil them again, rinse in dettol then boil the last time and finally rinse in fabric softener. Then she told me, ‘no, just because they are second hand doesn’t mean they need to be boiled out of shape, she told me soak in hot water, use ariel to wash, rinse twice, fabric softer then they are good to go. ‘Situmiangi Ariel mimi’ was my response, “wacha nikuambie (I promise she was whispering like she was telling me a secret) Ariel ndio itakusaidia kwanza nguo za watoto, vile wanasema mwosho mmoja tu ni ukweli, mimi nauzanga nguo najua.” (loosely translated, use Ariel) and so I bought my first 500gms of Ariel to try out. I have never looked back.
Couple of weeks ago, Caroline Mutoko gave a talk at Mama’s Break and said that it cost so little to have your help happy and loving her job. Among the things she said was buying her basics like deo, bath soap etc. I have since discovered Ariel with a Touch of Downy which I will add to her list of needs and mine as well. This Ariel leaves clothes smelling like heaven and the cool thing is it will not compete with your Chanel No5 cologne or your Issey Miyake cologne. Now as I said I am not one to just change products, I was given this ‪#‎Ariel‬ with a Touch of Downy to sample and I love it, it leaves the clothes soft as my original Ariel but I don’t need fabric softener which I used to use most of the time not coz of the softening effect but the perfume(y) scent that it gave my sheets and towels… then to top it all we made it to the Business Daily


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