Mugi’s Preparation to be a Big Brother


pregnant mom with toddler

So Mugi is going to be a big brother in about 4 months, I can’t help but dream what kind of a big bother he will be, will he remember all the lessons we have been learning, be kind, share, be gentle. I am confident about some of the lesson but I keep wondering if he knows the magnitude of being a big brother, he will be a protector and a friend; I want him to be friends with his sister, does he know he will share a house with her, his toys, his bed will become hers, she will be in my arms and share them with him, he has been the only one there.

Every morning I have asked him to say hi to baby and give baby a kiss, a routine he has come to love, he picks flowers and give me one and then gives me the other and says it’s for my sister, he knows there is a baby coming. He understand breastfeeding, the other day he said, ‘when baby comes she will drink milk from you here (pointing at the soon to be dairy production that is my boobs)? When he notices things about small babies, he references them to his baby sister in mama’s tummy.

So here are my tips of how to prepare your toddler for the coming baby:

  • Talk to them about the baby, give as much as a baby their age can get and repeat it over and over. The baby will be small, then they will keep growing and become big just like them, the baby will not be able to talk but they will learn etc.
  • Answer any questions they have about the baby, what is the baby doing in mama’s tummy? (Baby is growing), when will baby come, where will baby stay, what will baby eat etc.
  • Help the toddler bond with the baby, that is why every morning we do the kiss baby routine, I repeat lessons we learnt like tell baby gentle he rubs my tummy and says gentle. Tell them that baby loves them and they will in turn say they love baby.
  • If you have fiends who have a new baby, find out if you can go visit, that way he gets to see a small baby and begin to grasp the concept of a new small baby, tell him that his baby sister will be as small etc.
  • We still use the high table to change him, dress him and so I have been asking him to climb on the table by himself, this will help prepare him to be independent as my tummy grows and I cant lift him all the way up as well as when baby comes and I have to care for my back, so start making adjustments early, if you plan on moving him to a different room and bed, do those things early so the toddler doesn’t feel like they are being displaced by making major adjustment a few weeks before the new baby comes.
  • Schedule shopping so you are able to take your toddler along with you they help pick things for their baby sister/brother. This prepares them to know that you will also buy their sibling for things.
  • We go through his baby photos once in a while and I point out picture of him when he was in my tummy and when he was born, still tiny, and this helps me have the conversation of his sister will be equally small then she will grow bigger.


As I learn new things I will share them here…


Happy parenting


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