Mother’s Love in a Bottle


I had just gotten home from work, 5:58 pm and my help bid us goodbye for the night, she is a day help. My son who absolutely enjoys playing followed her outside and it was play time until 6:30 when he would come back to the house, have a snack and start winding down to shower and sleep at 8pm. Who am I kidding winding down doesn’t happen, he will come in, have a snack pull out all the pillows from the chairs create a pillow mountain and start playing jump over the mountain till 8pm when we will shower and sleep, tired but happy. Little moments, happy moments that he has created for himself.


I am one of those mums who allow her child to go into the neighbour’s houses. Enough times when the kids in the estate come over to our house to play, there will always be one who reminds the sibling, “we were told not to enter other people’s houses.” My son has been to almost all our neighbour’s house, immediately we moved to the new neighbourhood, he walked straight into our downstairs neighbour’s house but I later learnt she doesn’t like children or people in general and my son picked that up and so that was the last time he ever did. Our other neighbour has an elderly help and so the kids don’t go there much, my son has been there severally but most often they will be sent to play outside. Then we have another one who has 2 children, lives right above our house her children are not allowed to go into people’s houses (but they still do) my son has been to theirs enough times but most often they will be told to go play outside. Then there is one who moved in 3 weeks ago, my son already knows their names and the name of the baby who is 15 months.

Then there is what I would call the main house besides ours, the kids will go there to play, my son knows his way around and for this one I just had to get to know the parents because my son really loves going there. The parents are cool peeps. Oh! But I digress from the story of the day

So this day my son went out to play and after a few minutes runs back into the house very sad but confidently reports that Zuri has hit me. I rise up, mama bear, ready to defend her cub. We walk out and as we are going to look for the Zuri who committed the crime I ask Mugi where he is and he says “he is in his house, and he hit me, come and tell him not to hit people.” As we are walking down the stairs I realise that this boy has full confidence in me, that I will defend him and correct the situation, then it dawns on me, what if the parents are at home, a quick look a the car park, yes the parents are at home. My son pulling my hands opens the door as he would at his own house and his other hand firmly holding mine least I change my mind. We walk into the house and the sitting room is full of people, he pulls me straight into the bedroom as I steal a quick hi to everyone. Thank God I have been to the house, shared a meal with them otherwise it would have been the most awkward situation I have ever been in. We go to the bedroom and Mugi says, “There is the Zuri.” My response, “Zuri say sorry,” the sorry is given and a hug for forgiveness is exchanged and we head out.

I have seen my son grow in confidence. I have told the story of his comfort blankie, the one that he will not sleep without, he will not travel without and since it was getting too dirty we had to but an identical one so we could keep swapping as the other one was being washed. This blankie has helped him sleep through the night from the time we were 6 months, he puts it on his nose and off he goes, the scent somehow comforts him, its familiar. He knows his blankie so much, I once forgot it and a friend lend me hers and as soon as he put it on his nose he said I want colour blue blankie, the scent sold us out. Just like a mother’s love holding the blankie makes him secure and you want the blankie smelling nice. Scents have a way of awakening a good feeling a secure feeling in us, a feeling of peace, a comforting feeling, esp when it’s a scent from nature.



Sitting at the launch of Downy yesterday, Downy is a product by P&G the same company that makes Ariel. You all know my Ariel Story =) I could not help but be amazed at how much research and passion has gone into making the World’s Number 1 fabric softener. One of the questions we had was how comes you took so long to launch in Kenya and the response, ‘We had to get a formula that works for the area, the climate, the weather, the fabric, the water everything has to work perfect before we can launch the product.’ So if you go to the states don’t plan on carrying your own stock of Downy, this one is made specifically for Kenya.

It is one thing to hear, but as I sat there touching, feeling and seeing the difference that Downy had on the clothes I knew I was absolutely sold to this product. It is a concentrate which means you only need a little amount for a huge load of clothes, the scents stays on and on but the amazing thing is that it doesn’t fight with your Chanel No5 Perfume or the Issey Miyake cologne. It makes the fabric softer without damaging the fibres and hence your clothes last longer. Downy has that scent that I want my son to sleep holding on his nose because it is comforting but not irritating.

My son has eczema and it is often flared up by dust, cold and strong scents and to see his skin still clear even after using downy, I can personally say it is safe and it is a great buy. For me, DOWNY IS A MOTHER’S LOVE PACKAGED IN A BOTTLE.



Downy has launch a Share the Message of Love campaign on their facebook page Downy Kenya.

  1. Like the Page
  2. Take a photo of you and your baby or you and your mum (If your baby has not debuted on social media you can be creative in the way you take the photo)
  3. Upload the photo on their facebook page and include a message of love for either your child or mother.
  4. Wait to win amazing Downy Prizes including 1 year school fee for your child.

On Saturday 12th September Downy will have an consumer activation at Junction Mall where you can get to test the product for yourself, enter the lucky dip and win amazing prizes, see you there =)


I will be giving more updated about the Downy Product.



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