Letter To My Children- LOVE




This made it as my first letter to you because when you are a little older you will hear that, Love Makes The World Go Round. I have seen many flourish on love a dying soul come back to life because there was love, we cannot ignore it, it’s a force so strong that grips so gentle and turns the hearts of kings and men. It makes the days better, the storms bearable and the sunny days bluer.

With a force so strong, you would thing the world would be perfect but it is not, because we have selfish souls in this world, greedy hearts and self centered beings who only think about themselves and no one else, don’t be like those. Love unreservedly, give your love and it shall be given. Love your siblings, love your parents, love your neighbour, country, continent, animals, nature and above all Love God.

Love will break your heart, yes but I hope you find your footing after the tears, love will make you break hearts, but I hope those will be few, love will make you walk away, turn around run and I hope you will make the wise and right decision.

Don’t let those who love not tell you not to love, instead teach them how to love, for with love where there is war there can be peace, where there are tears there can be joy and laughter. Love will make you hold on even when everyone else thinks you should let go
When you get married, love your spouse, treat them well, seek to know what makes them feel loved and love them in that way, love my grandchildren and teach them to love.

Love my children has the ability to do so much, it will help you empathise, sympathise and condemn. It will make you stand up to what is evil and support good.

Because were it not for love my children, I am not sure I would have you.


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