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Thought of using a poop explosion photo, but this cutest face ever won the day…

I love to change my daughter’s poop diaper, it started with the brother who had been using the toilet since he was 2, thank you Lord! and since we potty trained him, our pockets have been smiling. Then came Maya and during her baby shower, I got diapers that have lasted us thus far. So for the first time this month I had to add diapers to my shopping list! Who would have thought poop was this expensive, really!

When I am home, my house help knows not to change a poop diaper, I want to see the amount, colour, texture, everything about it needs to be checked. Then I want to keep a record of frequency, poop vs pee diapers per day. She once changed her without telling me and it was the earlier days when she was getting constipated and I had to go open the diaper to know how it went down, from then on she knows to ask if she should change or I do it whenever I am home.
Maya having eczema means that we have to be very careful with introducing new products that come in contact with her skin, the brother could only use one diaper brand as all the rest flared up his eczema and we would have the worst diaper rushes just from using one diaper off his usual brand. So my scepticism with diapers started there.

Then I went for baby banda this year and you know there are so many options of brands, I remember stopping at the snuggles diaper brand booth and they did that whole diaper test, very impressive, but as a second time mum, I know what I am looking for in a diaper, save the coin. I want a diaper I am sure will not cause a diaper rush. I was with the dad and kids, it was a whole family affair to look for a new brands in the market for the Project Baby Shower events we hold quarterly, then dad happened to know one of the guys at the snuggles booth and you know how guys are, you are told to try a new brand and ego kicks in and you want to show your friend that you believe in their brand and so he got a pack of snuggles, and I got a pack of I-told-you-we shouldn’t-try-new-diapers-on-Maya, to use after 1 week when the pack of snuggles was over, maybe sooner if the rash developed earlier.

And so armed with the this new premium diaper that is cheaper than other premium diapers in the market, I waited for the rash, I waited for it to leak at night, well I am still waiting. I am a settler when it comes to brands, not just a settler, I am so brand loyal, I will push it to all my friends. I have been asking snuggles to make me a brand ambassador for their diaper, maybe this article will make them see how much I have fallen in love with the diaper wink wink!

So the next time you need to do a diaper purchase, please go ahead and try snuggles, then let me know so I can tell them I have evidence that mums tried it and loved it because they read this article and then, maybe then they can make me a brand ambassador, hope that title comes with lots of free diapers, we can discuss the cheque later 😉 . I would have titled this article ‘Help Me Become A Snuggles Ambassador’ but that would never have caught your attention *insert laughing emoji*

Just incase you are on facebook, I have seen that snuggles has a win with snuggles competition, head there and stand a chance to win.

Happy Parenting


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