Let’s Talk Nannies, AGAIN!!!



So I am about to get a live in help for the first time ever in my life. I would want to show how composed I am, but no, I am freaking out! Where do I start? You see I have never had a live in help, ever, well like the fact that I told you I am getting a live in help for the first time doesn’t read that fact. I have had the same help since my first-born was a couple of months old, so we have technically had the same help for 4 years and now I have to adjust.

No I am not letting go of my day help- to anyone who was about to say give me pam Sorry- can’t get myself to do that. What we have decided is to train other nannies and then we get placements for them. Yes you read that right, we are starting a Nanny Bureau, because to be honest, I am not sure I am ready to leave my kids the whole day and maybe some more with someone else.

I have talked about Pam over and over so you know this woman means the world to me. I am always asking her to look for helps for my friends and so we have decided that might as well be our side hustle. Then one day when we have enough capital and can open a whole center where we have the girls sleep and get thorough training, then I will have her in charge of the center and by then I will probably have gotten used to having my live in help take care of my kids and I will not freak out.

So to all my friends who have been asking me to get them a good help like my help but one who is a live in, well that is possible. We are only getting nannies we can vouch for, and if they have never worked before, then we train them for a couple of days and get them placement. We shall do a serious thorough background check and get references and do our due diligence to make sure that the girls we get are honest. Pam, who has a very good sixth sense when it comes to nannies, will give in her input. We shall only work with referrals.

My sister in law in Kitale is the one who is getting me my first live in help, she says she knows her and her family and that gives me a lil bit of peace about having her. I will have to learn to share my space with a live in help. All that advice I have been giving it’s time to read it back to myself.

Set house rules early

What are her chores?

What time she sleeps?

What time she wakes up?

Does she laze in the sitting room when she is done with her work?

TV rules. I have never had TV rules with my help, she doesn’t care about the TV, now I have to set rules!

I am kind of happy because she is not from Nairobi, has never been to Nairobi so I will look for a church for her so she can be able to step out on Sunday and that’s it. I AM CLEARLY FREAKING OUT!!! My plan is to have Pam teach her and then I don’t have to worry about too much.

Check out our Facebook page, Mama Bear Nanny Care and we have a number on there, call for bookings and let’s be your nanny matchmaker this year. We are finally in business Kenya.

Happy 2017

Happy Parenting


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