Lessons from Tia and Tamera on Motherhood



It is easier to train a baby who knows nothing than to undo what the baby has taught himself. Just like us, what we have learnt through experience we can die for, it is almost impossible to convince me otherwise when I know I am doing what I wasn’t taught by anyone and has been working for me. So if you plan on putting your baby on a routine, I would suggest start early. Do not let the baby get into their own schedule then you wake up one morning and decide the schedule doesn’t work anymore, you will need more time and patience than if you had started earlier.

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For example;

If you plan on teaching baby how to sleep through the night, read up on that, talk to other mothers who have managed to train their babies to sleep through the night and perhaps heed the advice. Shortcuts never really do work with babies; at least I have learnt that through experience. Speak to mothers, know how to lull your baby, different mothers do different things, my favourite is giving him his blankie, it calms him down and when putting him to sleep, he just hugs it and off he goes.

When you are planning on weaning, do the same, talk to mothers and find out what worked for them, what foods they gave their babies as the first foods, what causes constipations- there are some common culprits. Get to know what times to feed the baby, how many times.

Basic rules about life do not only apply to grown ups but also to babies, we all know that we should eat early, please do not feed your baby at 9pm, that is not only late for you but too late for the baby who by this time is for sure sleepy. So you are putting a very full and tired baby to bed, no wonder they will wake up before the night is over and need to be soothed by the boob. It is not because they are hungry; it is because they are too tired.

How big is a baby’s stomach, it is the size of his fist, so malenge, uji, banana, mboga, mango is rather too much for the little one in a space of an hour, try and know how much portions to give your baby. I found that sometimes my son would just continue eating coz I was feeding him; they will stop or refuse food when they are too full and you do not want a too full baby. Click here for the food amounts I gave my baby.

Refuse to be comforted by the misery or should I say pain of others when you clearly know there is a way out. Just because your friend never slept for two years does not mean you should go through the same. Just because your friend’s baby ‘refused’ his cot does not mean yours will- refused is in quotes because I think it is our responsibility to teach them.

I love the reality show Tia and Tamera, I watch it almost religiously and if I have not learnt anything else from them at least I have come to understand that you can raise your children differently from your sister or even your best friend. Parenting is very personal, it is important to learn for yourself and implement what works for you. IT IS VERY PERSONAL, BUT ALSO GENERAL

For those who wish to undo the schedule, there is a way out that needs commitment and consistency, talk to mothers and again do not be side tracked by those who say you do not have to change that, you can compromise, remember they are not in your shoes, they do not know what you are going through, get advice but sift it and sift it seriously. Remember PARENTING IS VERY PERSONAL, but works generally.

Happy Parenting…


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