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Mugi with his fav teacher- Ms. Kabi

Mugi with his fav teacher- Ms. Kabi

So I read online a mum is traumatised because her baby is refusing to go to school, reason is not the usual, has not adjusted to school but it’s because the teacher beat up the child why? She refused to sleep during nap time. After being extremely exasperated by a teacher I don’t know, I went on to read the comments and it seems like a trend in lots of kindergartens. So day 1 of school the teacher gives instructions after lunch that all the kids should sleep, your child doesn’t sleep and so teacher gives a chapa so she can sleep!

Now dear Kindergarten teachers, I am not sure I should address teacher or owners of the school, well all you who work at a kindergarten, it is pure wrong to beat a child because they did not sleep, and especially on the first day of school. Some of these children, a) Do not sleep during the day and so this whole day sleeping is a new concept for them. b) Do not know how to sleep in a lit room so you damp them in a room with windows wide open, they will most probably gaze. c) Sleep in their own room, on their own bed by themselves, now all over a sudden they have to sleep with 20 other babies. d) Only know how to sleep with their dolls at hand and guess what?mum did not pack the doll to school.
The reasons could be endless.

Please give them a break.

I remember Mugi’s first day of school, sleeping with all the light in the room was such a new concept for him, by day 3 he was happy to sleep because all his friends were sleeping. I remember being shocked when the teacher said that he sleeps during the day, and it’s because he had learned that after lunch everyone sleeps.

I have listened to Caroline Mutoko talk about our education system and sad that even at kindergarten level in 2017, a teacher doesn’t know that they should learn a child first, that all the children are not the same. That you can’t declare toilet time for all your 20+ children and beat the one who says she doesn’t need to go to the toilet. That you still don’t know that they can be choosy with their foods but with a little talk they will get to eat what you serve them.

It is already a new concept for them, to leave their parents at home and be in this strange place the whole day for the first time and you welcome them with a chapa, of course they will hate school, parents will transfer their children you will lose business. The problem with most kindergartens is we think just because someone has children can mind and teach, teaching is a passion, a love that is brewed from deep within and expressed through the tender hands and words of the teacher.

You are setting the baseline for these children, do it right!

I am not saying do not discipline, but guess what, not sleeping during the day has never killed anybody, they will eventually copy their friends and sleep, just don’t expect that to be day one or even week one. They can actually just lay on the flimsy mattress you placed on the floor and wait for the 1 hour to be over. Don’t get hang up on they have to do what everyone else is doing. If you don’t know by now that you are working with individuals and not a group of sheep then you really have no business being in that class in the first place.

Parents, if your baby is being beaten for not sleeping, please ‘raise hell’ with the admin. Really, teachers need to be kept accountable if the education system in this country is going to change and guess what, it starts right from kindergarten level. Children at this age hardly forget and that teacher who beat your child, will be forever the ‘bad teacher’ who beat me because I was not sleepy.

If we are going to raise confident children who question the status quo and do not settle for flimsy reason to corruption and injustice, then we need to empower them from an ealry age. If your teachers only allow the children to regugitate what they teach then dear kindergarten owner, it’s time to change those teachers.

If you want an exact replica of what you plant, please go do farming, a maize seed will alway produce maize.

Happy Parenting


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