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I have a powerhouse for a girl, Maya is everything strong, I mean everything. My life with Mugi was way lot easier, he got into a schedule pretty fast, took the bottle very well, I mean guru mum I was in the making at least. I thought if it’s this easy then let me share my experience and I started blogging about motherhood. In fact I used to think if raising them was as easy as it was with Mugi, bring on 10. Then Maya came along and reminded me that babies are not the same, never have been, never will be. We are almost 2 months old and this girl has me figuring out motherhood all over again, I am starting to enjoy a lot more than I want to go crazy.

You know not having enough milk can make you almost lose your mind, try couple that with a growth spurt where she wants to feed all the time and that is recipe for madness. I bought formula the other day because she was not getting full, I barely had enough express, I was actually topping up with the milk I expressed in my first few weeks. When my expressed supply run low, I bought formula, and guess what, she refused. She took all of 40 ml and that was it, so I was back to having to bring up my milk supply. After spending Ksh. 1000+ on a can of formula, you expect her to take it well, no, this girl refused.

But seriously why is formula that expensive? The government needs to do something about the tax they impose on it, well and the manufacturer to reduce the cost as well. I know the point is to ‘encourage’ mums to breastfeed instead of supplementing but when there is absolutely no milk and formula is that expensive, mums end up diluting cow milk just to have their babies eat. If formula is supposed to be second best after breast milk, then it should not be as expensive- ok this is a conversation I will pick up another day.

So in my not having milk and Maya refusing formula, I somehow had to get my supply back up. I ate sugar cane, lots of, sugar cane. Lots of tea, lots of water, then my help came to the rescue with uji. The usual kirinyaga flour uji is what she was making for me. Did it help or was it the placebo effect, I am yet to know. Even the famed Moringa did not help. My neighbour said I try wine, I did, it helped, but then again it could be the placebo effect, or it knocked us both out so my milk replenished. Wine is not a permanent solution; you can only take so much. So that one glass was all I am having until further notice

I know kikuyus love their warus, their favourite food is mukimo, their second favourite is beef stew with peas and potatoes. If you go to a family gathering for Kikuyus, “jikirira kawaru” is one of the main statements you hear when serving food. I grew up in Murang’a and my kids are half Kikuyus, I know. We have all seen the memes of kikuyu food, well, their cooking might be wanting but their fermented uji is unrivalled. Well Kaos also have it. So cucu called and said she had made some fermented uji and would be sending some my way. 20 lts is the uji that was delivered, she is on a mission to bring back my milk supply, 20 lts and as soon as Maya’s auntie got to my house, she (cucu) called to say that she would be sending more in 2 weeks, yes I should have finished 20 lts of uji besides my food in 2 weeks.

Day 1 of taking cucu’s uji- just enough milk for Maya

Day 2 of taking cucu’s uji- engorged with milk but she cleared it all

Day 3 of taking cucu’s uji- expressed 70 ml and stored it.

So my milk supply has come up after taking cucu’s uji, about 3 lts down, 17 more to go.

If you are breastfeeding and supply seems to be low, I can stand by this uji. If you are Kikuyu, ask grandma, if you are not, look for your Kikuyu friend and get to know their grandma. My help had told me about some veggies from Kisii called Nderema, she assured me it could work. She had no clue where to get it from and I am not willing to try greens other than spinach that is about to grow in my tummy coz I eat it with all my meals. Maybe breastfeeding will help us end tribalism as we look for friends to cook for us food that will bring up our milk supply.

I was afraid that it would cause gas for Maya but so far it hasn’t.

What food has worked for you to bring up your milk supply?


Happy Parenting


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