I Wish I Was Told This before I Became a Mother



During pregnancy we often receive a whole lot of advice from everywhere and it’s mostly unsolicited. Everyone wants to prepare you for labour but for the life of me, they leave out life after birth which if you ask me is more important that how you are going to push. So here are my top, how comes no one told me that before I gave birth.

  1. Breastfeeding is not automatic

Hear ye hear ye all new mums, no it is not automatic, from teaching baby how to latch to making sure that you are holding baby properly and that they are not taking in too much air to burping, no wonder we have professionals like Lactation Manager. Ask for help; make sure you are doing it properly before you leave the hospital otherwise point number 2 will come knocking.

  1. Cracked nipples are worse than labour

I remember the thought of my son is sleeping and he will wake up and need to breastfeed made tears well up in my eyes. Cracked nipples are worse than labour and they don’t last as short as your labour did. And to know that the little one will need to suck regardless is the worst thing a mother wants to know at the point of the pain. But trust me that too shall pass, use your nipple cream as often even before you deliver and make sure that baby latches properly.

  1. It’s never that serious

I think I was too uptight with what I believed and I was never willing to waver from it, my husband had such a hard time reminding me to relax. Looking back I am so relaxed now I wonder why I thought everything was a mater of life and death.

  1. You baby is not an egg, he will not break

I was told to massage my baby and pulling on those tiny legs and hands I would feel like I am about to pull the little boy apart until I went to hospital and the doctor really stretched them and told us that that is how a relaxing massage should be like. Stretch them massage as often and you will thank your luck start when walking happens early coz of super strong muscles.

  1. You will cry just because

Being overwhelmed for no reason will happen, often and in those times if you need to cry please do. No-reason-tears somehow make everything feel alright.

  1. Some things become privilege

What you thought was a basic human right, like having a peaceful shower or going to the toilet is no longer a right, you will hide from you baby- esp toddler- so that you can have a quiet toilet break for at most 3 minutes before they find you. When you are taking a shower, they will stand and knock on your door until you are done if you get to finish that is.

  1. You will make mistakes and it is just fine

I remember my son started moving and I had no idea, I left him on the couch and found him on the carpet, he had fallen off, I cried and swore to carry him all the time, 3 months later we had another fall…

  1. Get help

Your baby doesn’t care who changes diaper as long as it’s changed, or who suns them or gives them a walk, ask your friend, spouse, househelp to watch the baby for a few minutes as you groom yourself up. There is not trophy for the most burnt-out mum

  1. You know your baby best, the buck stops with you, don’t let anybody else make you feel like you got no idea. I will not even explain this last point


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