I Took a Mama’s Break!!!


Because we have to start the year anyway, I wish I had a good reason for procrastinating this blogging but I don’t, so can we begin the year? I also wish I could write in detail every single thing we were able to accomplish last year, because then I would start with potty training, you guys! Maya is potty trained, ok for day only, we are still using diapers for night, but can you imagine that cuts my diaper budget by half? That’s a whole 1,000 off my budget, that also means we use fewer wipes. Please insert happy dance here.

As the year was ending, I said that one day I would share my story on depression, this post would probably have been about that, but I still don’t have the grace to write that in detail. Maybe we can start off with something happy for the year.

I TOOK A MAMA’S BREAK, yes please read it like I am screaming on to of my voice, jumping up and down at the airport with my flight about to take off and I will be away for some 7 days.

This Mummy Break started way back in 2016, the mummies we went with for the mama’s break, we all met in 2016 for the April project baby shower, these women have been through life with each other, they have held each other when marriages were falling apart, they have called for wine dates when the mums needed a space to vent, they have offered each other legal advice, they have been a pillar of strength for each other.

So in January last year, they decided we should start saving and take a trip, one of us sent her financial guy from their company and we opened accounts where we would save and earn interest. And every once in a while we would remind each other about the vacay. We eventually settled on a date, January 2019 was going to be the month we take our trip, of course Dubai was first in line because, Dubai Shopping Festival.

You have not gone on vacation until you have gone with your girls on vacation. We left our worries and fears at JKIA on Jan 23rd, because the next 7 days we were going to just be free *insert Free by Nyashinski, free to just enjoy the thrill and joy of friendship.

I have been an advocate of mama’s break, in fact, the first event I ever did was dubbed Mama’s Break, and yes, it is on this year on May 11th, so I know the importance of just taking a break, being de-mumed. I had never taken a break since Maya was born; the longest I had ever stayed away from them was 3 days when I took off to Maralal because sometimes you have to go that far to find your sanity. So this break for me was, can you practice what you preach woman!!!

I wish words would explain what taking that trip meant to me and those 5 women, but they can’t, what I know for sure is that it is their company that made every minute of that trip worth it. If I were to tell every crazy happy moment, I would never be done, because they were so many, like this one night we went into a club to dance because it was the one of the girl’s birthday and requested a Sauti Sol song and they played Melanin, Melanin sounds so different when you are surrounded by foreigners in a foreign country, so different when it’s your group of 6 screaming because their favourite song just played. Or was it when we rode the fastest roller coaster in the world TWICE!!!, not sure which story would top the list

With those women, I don’t need to be perfect, I know I am loved, I don’t have to mum like them for me to be the best mum, we mother differently but we are the best and we remind each other that.
This year let’s take time to love ourselves, take a break, a much needed Mama’s Break, because the biggest lesson I learned last year was, taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children.


See you on May 11th

To be a better blogger this year

Also here are pics from our trip for psyche purposes only

The fastest roller coaster in the world, 0-240 KPH in 4 seconds, yes, we did it twice

Everything in the above photo is manmade, including the sky, most spectacular place we visited (Warner Bros Abu Dhabi)

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, took 3,000 men 11 years to build, the detail is out of this world


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