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You know there are times when you want to take a good aim at parenting and just shoot it down. So I will dive into it with this one, those times you question your parenting but to be fair to yourself you also question your kids childing.

What is it with Maya waking up at 1:23 am just after my deep sleep is over and by the time I am done giving her milk and I am back to my bed, I realise I forgot to cover the bed so it has become cold, then my sleep just disappears, I stay awake for another 1 hour 18 minutes. Not knowing she also lacks sleep and when mine is just about to come back, she gets tired of looking for hers and wakes up again and without much thinking, I leave the bed again and guess what? I forget to cover my warmth by the time I get her to sleep again I look for my own for another hour.

I know you all have heard that as a parent you don’t have favourites when it comes to your children, nope it is not true, you will have favourites for sure, Mugi is refusing to sleep Maya is my favourite child at that point. Maya wakes up at 3 am, Mugi is my favourite child at that point, they are both asleep at 8 pm, ooooh, no favourites, they are both equally awesome. Maya eats her breakfast without a fuss damn! that is my favourite girl in the whole world, Mugi wakes up in the morning and dresses for school without a fuss, that right there is my favourite boy.

Mugi just has this thing where he thinks my food is better than his, so this particular day we were having left overs and the pieces of meat were about 20, I put for him lets say 15 pieces, I help him eat his food because he needed to sleep to be up early for school the next morning, I warm my 5 pieces of meat with some beans and guess what this child does, comes to ask me for nyama! As a parent you learn how to eat the better part of your meal first because you might just not eat it at all, unless you add chilli of course. This reminds me of a time I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said spaghetti and mince meat, I made a piece of lamb chop only for him and his sister to eat ¾ of it and ignored their spaghetti.

What is it with waking up at 6am on Saturdays and Sunday yet we struggle to wake up every morning on school days! The convincing I have to do for Mugi every morning to go to school it incredible, I should add sales and marketing executive to my CV for sure.

‘I made eggs for you’,

‘Today you have swimming’,

‘I will pack for you strawberries’

I have to look for new ways to have him out of bed, Monday to Friday but Saturdays, Saturdays I have to convince him to give me a few more minutes of sleep.

I love that Mugi is articulate, he is very fluent and the things he says makes you wonder what book he has been reading because the English is good. “Mama you got me absolutely Nothing, nothing at all mama” that is him when I get home carrying no snacks. “Mama can I tell you what dolphins do, they come up to the surface, get air and dive back into the sea, I believe I have given you the perfect explanation”. This I like I love how he talks, sometimes I have to give absent-minded answers like aaah, ok, that is nice, really! I am happy he talks and I never have to wonder what he is thinking.

Sometimes I want to have my ice cream when I crave it, but I have these little ones who cannot have it and so I either have to hide or postpone my craving. Let’s not even talk about chocolate and the fact that I have to look for new places to hide mine because for some reasons he keeps finding them.

Who has found the secret to going to the bathroom in peace? If as a parent to a toddler you have, you are sure my hero. It’s like a weak bodyguard whom you cannot rely on but he is always there, oh and he needs your attention all the time, like all the time!

Is homework by any chance supposed to be a time for Mugi and I to bond? Because it is usually me pulling off my hair and Mugi being slower than a sloth in writing and writing such tiny things even though I used a microscope I would never make out what number he was trying to write. The homework was to write number 1-50 so he sits down and writes them perfectly albeit tiny and perfect, then I come back after 5 minutes to check and he has erased half of it, “seriously Mugi why did you rub?” I ask, working so hard to control my voice so I am not screaming. “You were not sitting with me so I rubbed, come and sit with me so I can write!” This child is testing my sanity for sure. Then just the thought that I will have to do this with Maya as well, universe save us.

How about you have yourself a happy parenting week =)

Yeap, #happyparenting


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