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I got my son’s birth certificate in 2013 and I have just applied for my daughter’s who was born in 2016, I have notice however, every time I go online, there is an update from a mother asking how she can get a birth certificate, the process does it take long, can I use a middle man, how much does it cost. Well here is my experience.

The offices are at Bishop’s Road, just behind NSSF, if you are using public transport, alight at community, it is less than 100 meters up bishop’s rd. It is an easy place to find if get lost you can always ask a guard at one of the buildings. The building is a car park building; the ground floor though has been ‘leased’ to the registration offices.

The office as is like most government offices has a lunch hour break, 12:30-2pm, so avoid those hours.

The process is easy though when you get in, there is a ‘reception’ counter where you will get a form that needs to be filled and the guy will tell you which counter to take the form after it has been filled.


Documents you will require

A copy of your ID

A copy of the baby’s father ID

A copy of the birth notification

The original birth notification

Your original ID

A pen- to fill in the form, they do not have pens at the counter

(Different mums say that the required documents differ, but they will not exceed those listed above, e.g.. some say a copy of the father’s ID is not necessary but I had to give one with Mugi however, with Maya I did not give)

In case you lost the birth notification, the hospital has a copy which, I think you need to pay to get- said I think because it is info from other moms, not my experience and neither have I researched on it.

Things to note

If when you were giving birth you were so enthusiastic about the world cup you named you child Brazil WorldCup Mwaura, the form that you are given gives you a chance to change your baby’s name. They do not use the information on the birth notification rather what is in the form that they give you.

After giving in the form, I was told to go after 2 days to make the payment; they take this time to verify that the information given is true. Since my son was about 9 months when I got the certificate, we paid 90/=, this cost differs with the age of the baby with the first 6 months being free, the max one can pay is 200/=.

Other mothers have said they did not have to go back after 2 days to make the payment, they registered and paid on the same day and had their Birth Certificates ready in 2 weeks or less. So the having to go back after 2 days to make the payment depends on the ‘mood’ of the person you find clearly.

After payment, you are given a collection date, mine was 3 weeks later.

I also noticed that the lines are not crazy, the people may seem to be many when you are waiting outside but when you go in, the process is easy peasy.

Online Process

Log into your e-citizen account and go to the civil registration department tab. You will fill in the details and if you need to pay, there is the M-Pesa payment option.

As I have learned, when you go to the office to report that you applied online, you will still need to fill in the form manually and wait for a maximum of 3 weeks to get the birth certificate.

In short, the online registration doesn’t make a difference whatsoever.

Happy Parenting


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