For Our Little Geniuses This Holiday


After the 3 month long holiday at the end of last year, I know some of us are hoping that the next time the kids go on holiday will be at the end of the year. Then you have already received a note from the school asking you to book a date for the Parent Teacher Conference because schools are closing next week, or is it this week? You have mastered your weekends perfectly, but then Monday night you will get home from work and the announcement will be, “mama I am bored!”

They will have played the whole day outside

They will have watched the same episode of Paw Patrol 17 times because that is how much it’s aired every day.

They will have fought and made up with the other kids in the estate

They will have turned the house upside down

The house help will be ready to get rid of them because all over a sudden she is cleaning the house 1023 times and her perfectly mastered routine of how she works in the house is no longer there because there are humans in the house all day.


This is when you start looking for activities for them to do. Holiday camps came to save moms from turning crazy!

I sit at the Creatives Garage office and I have overheard their plans for a holiday camp for kids between 7 and 15 years. You know when you hear about holiday camp you think, music, art… the end!

Well, these guys have a whole new line-up for the kids. It provides a healthy mix of technology, innovation, music and arts. They are offering the children, Web and Android application classes, Music classes on the Acoustic Guitar and the Keyboard, and Craft Classes that will cover Macramé, Patchwork and Needlepoint, with all the material provided for both the music and craft classes you however, need to pack a laptop for those who will be taking the web classes.

If your child can operate your phone, the TV, your laptop then maybe a class on web and android application will be on point for them. We often think, maybe he/she is too young to understand, after I read that one of the youngest cyber security experts in the country, Dr. Bright Gameli (Google Him) created his first computer virus when he was only 8 years, then I know there is much more that kids can grasp from a very young age.

So instead of connecting your laptop to the TV this holiday so your kids can catch up on all the Netflix cartoons, wait it’s never a catch up for them, it a re-run. Maybe you should plan for them to be at a creatives camp.

So my conversation with Mugi this evening will go something like this;


Mugi: Mama, you know you have not bought for me the paw patrol lego and an aeroplane that lands on water.

Mama: How about you start by saying, hi mama, how was your day?

Mugi: Hi mama, how was your day? I want you to buy for me a Lego for paw patrol and an excavator and an aeroplane that lands on water.

Mama: Sweetie, I want you to go for holiday camp and learn how to design all these things then we can have our own line of the things that you want and make money out of them. You know Bright created his first computer virus at 8 years, that is you in the next 4 years, which means by now you should be having a pretty good idea about what a computer virus is.

Mugi: Mama you are talking funny, what is a virus?

Mama: Well, maybe we can talk about design, not a computer virus, you want to be an engineer when you grow up? Because you talk about all the construction vehicles that you like

Mugi: Yes and I will drive a fire engine and I will fly the space shuttle all the way to the moon.

Mama: oh! That is amazing and what else

Mugi: And I will carry you and Maya and Baba and Tata and we will fly so far away.

(Totally distracted from the topic now)

Mama: Great

Mugi: Mama you know Kenai throwed my Frisbee and it broke, Kenai is not my friend.

Mama: Threw Mugi, not throwed

(I am obsessed with making sure he gets the correct tense, because the wrong one could stick for life)

Mugi: He threw my Frisbee like this…


Well, you get how our conversations go at home.


Contact Creatives Garage on or +254722705562


The charges per child is Ksh 8,000 a week, and Ksh 21,000 for the three weeks if paid in full in advance.

See you there as we build our little geniuses.


Happy Parenting


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