Food Amounts When Weaning

Most often, we have people advising us on how many times we should feed our baby but never how much. So we find ourselves feeding the little one too much especially when we start weaning. We wonder if they are full and so without so much of a thought, we add more portions and more portions only to go to the hospital and the pead tells you that baby a lil overweight.

note: this is not a rule it is a guideline, remember you as mother know best

Below are the weaning plan amounts I used on my baby.

7:00 – 180 ml milk

8:15 – breakfast

(Baby naps)

10:15- fruit

11:30- lunch

(Day sleep for 21/2 hrs)

2:30 – milk 150-180 ml

4:15 – fruit

5:30 – dinner


6:50 – milk 180 ml

Night sleep

NB. For the first one month of weaning, a couple of spoons is enough, I used to give him about 2-3 table spoons of food as milk was still his primary source of food. The amounts are per feed not per day.

Month two (baby was now 7 months) of weaning, I used to give 60 ml of food maximum.

Month 3 (baby was 8 months) of weaning I gave 100 ml of food

Until baby was 10 months I used to give at most 150 ml of food – used to measure with the Avent milk storage bottle.

After 10 months, I started increasing slowly, not so much the starch but the veggies, he takes about 200 ml now at 14 months.

Fruit amount:

  1. Banana- not more than half
  2. Mango- I used to blend and use the fridge ice-cube maker to freeze them, I would give not more than 5 cubes
  3. Apple-not more than half
  4. Mellon- at most 150 ml
  5. Et el- you get the drift

Keep baby active to avoid them wanting to comfort eat- take walks, play on the floor, sing, dance, read for baby, just keep them active.

Encourage baby to move as well, put toys on the floor that he likes and will want to reach out for.

Hold baby’s hands and take them round for them to use their legs. Avoid baby walkers, as they are not safe.

I used to keep my baby very active after his dinner at 5:30 so that he is not overly full when I put him down for his night sleep.

if your baby is a fussy eater, you can try and feed him at about 5pm so that you have a longer time to feed

I give water 15-30 minutes after food

For the weaning plan and some menus, click here


Happy Parenting



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