First Foods When Weaning



Foods for 6 months – all these can be given as first foods


Grains/ Carbs Fruits Veggies Proteins Dairy Others
Baby Rice Avocados Green beans (michiri) Uji
Oats cereals (baby) Apples Pumpkin/butternut
Sweet potatoes Bananas



Foods for 6-8 months


Grains/Carbs Fruits Veggies Proteins Diary Others
Rice Avocados Green beans (michiri) Chicken (7 months) Yoghurt  Bread (Whole grain)
Oats Apples Pumpkin/butternut Kamande (lentils) Cheese (8 months) Drinking Chocolate
Sweet potatoes Bananas Carrots Beans
Potatoes Pears Peas Fish (8 months)
Mangoes Zuchinni/ Courgette Egg yolk (8 months)
Prunes Broccoli


  • Remember to observe the 3 day wait rule- this means, then you introduce a new food, give it continuously for three days before introducing another new food just to be sure that the baby is not allergic to the food.
  • If you introduce a new food and the baby refuses, do not rule it out completely, the baby might accept it after a while, keep trying.
  • Be sure to check for foods that might cause constipation, common culprits include: pawpaws, apples, bananas (esp. sweet bananas), toast, rice, different mothers report different types, know them and eliminate. You can always try then after a while, their systems grows.
  • You can start by blending food, make it very soft and light before baby learns how to chew, you can lighten it using breast milk or formula or water. Do not make it milk light as the baby needs to know the difference and begin to learn how to swallow solids.
  • From 7 months, you can spice up the baby’s food with natural spices so that the food is not flat. Like dhania, leeks, olive oil,
  • I blended my baby’s food for 1 month, then when he turned 7 months, I started mashing with a folk very soft but it had a few small lumps, at 9 months, I just made sure that the food was cooked soft enough for him to chew.
  • The baby doesn’t need to have teeth for you to stop blending/mashing, their gums are hard enough to chew with.
  • I started introducing the foods slowly and by 9 months this is what we take…
  • Sweet potatoes and butternut were the only carbs in the first two months, then the other carbs followed, from 8 months
  • Proteins I introduced plant proteins first (7 months) then the meats followed after 2 months started with chicken then fish then beef.
  • Yoghurt and cheese was introduced when baby was 7 months
  • Bread he was 8 months together with drinking chocolate
  • Coconut milk at 8 months, in fact most spices came in at 8 months but olive oil and leeks were introduced at 7 months
  • Weetabix he was 7 months- a lot of pead advice to wait till baby is 9 months for weetabix.

NB. Butternut is a vegetable and so I often cook it with Nduma or Sweet potatoes,

This is just a list of what I used, do not be limited to it, but be sure to research before you introduce a new food to the baby.

click here for tips to help baby learn how to chew… chewing

From 9 months, you can click here for and expanded menu.. Basic baby Menu

you can download this weaning plan – I used it when I started weaning


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