Crazy Things I have Done as a Mother



You know when you read that meme of ‘somedays I surprise myself other days I put laundry in the oven’ and you just smile because you know that struggle…

  1. I have picked my tea from the microwave and put the sugar tin back in the microwave to warm it
  2. I have put Maya’s dishes in the fridge to sterilise them- I closed the fridge, then only realised after I could not find the power button.
  3. I have punched my phone’s security code on the remote- Then I wondered why the TV channel was saying it’s an invalid channel.
  4. I have looked for my phone as I used it as a torch to look for it- This was nuts because it was at night and I was so scared of tipping anything over least the baby wakes up, then I entered bed wondering where I could have put my phone, the as I switched off the torch, I just smiled at the realisation.
  5. I have been at the bank, by myself, then I look over my shoulder and my son’s blankie was well folded and forgotten there after I dropped him off to school.
  6. I made up a game called “Lets keep quiet, first on to talk is it.” It never lasted long, because Mugi followed it up with so many questions I gave up.
  7. I have forgotten to pick Mugi up from school esp. on Fridays since it’s half day. There is this one time the teacher called me at 2 to ask me where I was,

Me: but it’s only 2 is Mugi sick?

Teacher: No he is not, they were being picked at 1 today

Me: Why? It’s not half term today is it?

Teacher: No, it’s not, but today is Friday.





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