Breastfeeding: Who would have thought!



You know that thing that you always think you know until it happens and you realize you had no clue; yeah that was breastfeeding for me. I was caught with my pants down, oh! Wait I was at the hospital I was in a gown, so I was caught with my gown down. I thank heavens the hospital I was at could actually give my son formula for those nights that, sincerely speaking or from my point of view I had no milk. I was amazed at how fast he could black out after less than 5 ml. To be honest, formula feeding is really tempting especially because you can actually see how much baby has taken.

I healed really fast for a c-section mum and on day 3 I was ready to go home, the paediatrician however, said that if I had not learnt how to breastfeed I would have to wait another day, I had not. My husband got a lactation manager to come visit and I remember a nurse, God bless her soul Sarah. She came into my room and found me crying coz I had no clue about breastfeeding, she asked everyone to leave and we sat there as she made sure I learnt how to hold the baby who could barely fit in my hands, taught me how to latch till I could do it without her assistance and then she went on to make sure that I was discharged. She gave me her number and even offered to come to my house just in case I needed her. Now that is an angel every new mum deserves.

I have said before breastfeeding and cracked nipples are worse than labour. Nothing can prepare you for the pain of dealing with cracked nipples. I am 100% pro breastfeeding and I breastfed my son for 6 months exclusively, ok, I may have given avocado 2 weeks before, but on month 6 I was all in praise for Mr. Cow & Gate. Common lingo among mums is that some mums are freshians others are zebus, I was a kienyeji cow who had to really look for that milk, the first 3 months I had a substantial amount and I was able to express and freeze, that is what we survived on for the next 3 months.

I know mums who for whatever reasons were/are not able to breastfeed their babies (fear of sagging boobs is not a reason/excuse you should use, I am back to my former glory), be it sickness, lack of milk, etc these mums have to rely on formula to make sure that they have a healthy baby. With the campaigns about breastfeeding, these mums can be left feeling less of a mother because they were not able to breastfeed. But no, as a mother you do what is best for your child. Talk to a specialist before giving up on breastfeeding, if you know you have done the best you can to breastfeed and for some reasons you are not able to, don’t be discouraged, love your baby, it doesn’t make you less of a mother.

I remember baby was 12 days old when I told my mother that I will not breastfeed, there is no way I should be feeling that amount of pain in the name of feeding my son. After expressing for 2 days straight, she told me that healing would be faster if he still breastfeeds. That pain that you feel from your boob to the left big toe and you curl your foot like you are about to get an injection, then the baby latches and it hits you I will need to do this after 2 hours, without warning, a tear forms in the corner of your eyes and you curse your friends who never told you it would hurt this much. Then you say to yourself, I will not tell my other mum friends to be this because I want them to breastfeed. Then 3 months later your mum friend gives birth and she calls you 10 days after giving birth to curse you for not telling her how painful it would be and your response “If I had told you, you would have gone for formula and I wanted you to breastfeed.”

Breastfeeding has amazing advantages you can read them here so if you can, let your baby enjoy the benefits and you too will be able to lose some kilos in the process..


Happy end of breastfeeding week



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