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I had been labouring for 13 hours and every check said my labour was progressing well, I had to be induced because the lil man had decided to make the womb his permanent home and so and eviction notice was served. I had prepared myself for a vaginal birth as any mother would do, ok, maybe I had over prepped, I knew how to breathe when to breathe take walks, live a contraction at a time etc. After 12 hours of deathly labour, the doc, announced I was 6 cms,  about 4 more hours and you will be done, 8 hours later, I was still 6 cms!

That is by far the worst news you can tell a labouring mother. The doc said that they suspected that the baby was pushing with the side of the head because according to the intensity and frequency of the contractions, I should have given birth (let it be known that frequency was through out no break!). The doc said we wait four more hours then they can intervene because the baby was also getting tired, now 4 more hours without the assurance that I would still dilate was not something I was ready to do and I asked them to intervene immediately. Then they had to consult and monitor some more, 1 more hour passed and I was still at 6 cms!!! So we went to the OR, tired baby, tired mum, tired husband. I remember the doctor addressing me and all I kept asking was where is my husband? “we need to prep the OR then he can come in”, ok so where is he? Finally after what seemed like ages, they said that the table was ready and he could come in. 

In a room full of doctors, the best thing you can see is a familiar face, one of someone who is ready to stand by you through thick and thin, one who will walk the journey to parenthood together with you…

The below article, I received on our facebook page and it really made a good read and reminded me of my labour story.

I encourage us to take a step back and celebrate these three truths about caesarean mamas.
1. C-Section mamas are brave
Being prepped for a c-section is not a walk through the park. Many times, a mother’s partner is not allowed in the OR until after the epidural has been administered and everyone has “taken their place”. This means that while doctors and nurses move about, readying the operating room for delivery (maybe talking about their lunch or what movie they saw over the weekend), a strong pregnant mama sits on a cold operating table considering what lies before her – often scared and often feeling very alone.
And in these moments, a c-section mama must hold onto the strong and fierce love she has for her baby. She lets fear wash over her … and then she lets it drift away. She knows that in this moment, this is what is best for her child, even though “what’s best” means a major surgery with real wounds and scars. Even though “what’s best” means letting go of a dream or a vision of birth she’s been building up for the last nine months.
If you haven’t had a c-section before, I encourage you to let the stark reality of this moment settle in your mind – put yourself in her place, on that table, waiting, possibly fearful. When you do, I think you’ll realise how brave c-section mamas are.
2. C-Section mamas are strong
There aren’t many mothers who will say that a c-section was what they had first envisioned when they thought about giving birth. A c-section is a medical necessity in the best of situations; in the worst cases, it can be due to the outdated practices of a doctor or his/her desire for convenience.
Some c-section mums have weeks to mentally prepare for a change in their plans, but many only have days, hours, or minutes. Suddenly, everything she envisioned when meeting her child has changed. Her birth plan has been thrown out the window. Surgery lies before her. She doesn’t know how long she’ll have to wait after birth before she holds her baby in her arms.
We humans don’t tend to do well in situations of sudden change. And yet c-section mums find a way to let go of their pride and connect with an inner strength that allows them to enter the OR and give birth to their child.
And then the actual surgery happens. The actual cutting and suturing. Full recovery often takes months. And while most of us would like to curl up with a bowl of ice cream and a stack of movies after a major surgery, c-section mamas do just the opposite. They nurture and love and bond with their needy, beautiful babies.
Emotionally and physically, these women are SO strong. And this strength isn’t just necessary on delivery day; this strength must endure in the weeks and months and years ahead – as their bodies and souls heal, crafting new dreams with their little ones in their arms.
3. C-Section mamas are beautiful
Becoming a mother leaves all of us with scars. Some of them are emotional, some of them are physical. C-section mamas often have both. And yet their scars are powerful reminders of the strength and bravery they possessed when bringing their children into the world.
These scars were the door their children passed through as they left one world for the next.
I’m captivated by how different each scar is – the texture, the length, the placement. Just as each scar is unique, as is each c-section birth story. I’m captivated by how these scars change over time, how they fade, how they grow, how they heal. These scars are beautiful and something worth celebrating.
Instead of covering our c-section mamas with shame, we need to encourage them to show their scars of strength and bravery to the world.
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