Basic Baby Menu


Menu for Baby up to 9 months with notes from day 1 of weaning

Carbs Proteins Vitamins /veggies Fruits Spices Others
Sweet Potatoes Red beans Zucchini/ Courgette Mango Dhania Yoghurt
Butternut Butter beans Carrots Banana Paprika Oats
Rice Peas Amaranth leaf (terere) Orange Garam masala Bread
Spaghetti Mince meat Spinach Tangerine Coconut milk Drinking chocolate
Ugali Mince chicken Broccoli Avocado Onion/leeks Formula
Arrow root Fish Snow peas Pawpaw Garlic Egg yolk
Potatoes Lentils Green beans (French beans) Mellon Cheese  uji
 matoke Green grams/ ndengu  kiwi Tomatoes  fresh fruit juice
 grapes Olive oil butter


Breakfast combinations

Weetabix + yoghurt + Banana/Mango

Bread + drinking chocolate

Formula + Weetabix

Oats + yoghurt + banana

Uji + bread

  • Garam masala is good for veggie foods where peas are used as the protein
  • Paprika adds a nice taste to meat protein foods
  • Coconut milk is mainly for means that have grains as proteins
  • You can boil fish in milk instead of cooking it in a stew, just for a different rendition of making fish
  • Cheese can be added to spaghetti, cheddar is mild enough and not too salted.
  • I introduced garam masala and paprika when baby was 9 months (most doc ill advice salt and sugar but spices are ok)
  • Try and have only one protein per meal
  • You can combine carbs (esp. root carbs) in one meal
  • You can use chicken stock/soup to boil the lentils and beans for flavor
  • Veggies can be added to almost every meal
  • Banana is the best fruit for adding in baby’s breakfast but as baby grows, you can use other fruits like strawberries, kiwi,
  • For small babies, the rice should be a little bit mashed (not moja moja)
  • grapes need to be cut up to avoid choking

Remember the three-day wait rule as you introduce new foods

This is my timetable, you can add foods but make sure that you introduce foods at the appropriate time (different foods are introduced at different times)

  • I started introducing the foods slowly and by 9 months this is what we take…
  • Sweet potatoes and butternut were the only carbs in the first two months, then the other carbs followed, from 8 months
  • Proteins I introduced plant proteins first (7 months) then the meats followed after 2 months started with chicken then fish then beef.
  • Yoghurt and cheese was introduced when baby was 7 months
  • Bread he was 8 months together with drinking chocolate
  • Coconut milk at 8 months, in fact most spices came in at 8 months but olive oil and leeks were introduced at 7 months
  • Weetabix he was 7 months

NB. Butternut is a vegetable and so I often cook it with Nduma or Sweet potatoes,

if you need a time table, I got this one online and it served as a guide click here Weaning Plan

if you are just about to start weaning, click here for the First Foods When Weaning


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