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I had been waiting for my ride to come from 8:30 am, as soon as my help entered the house, I was ready to leave, it was my first time riding a motor bike (boda boda doesn’t count now does it?) and I was ecstatic, the feeling was probably how my son feels like when I tell him we are going swimming. He hardly sits down; every 2 minutes he will ask what time we are leaving. Preparing his sister for us to leave is the worst thing I can do to him, ‘mama lets go’

‘Maya doesn’t need all that food’

‘But Maya already drunk her milk’

‘Mama it’s not overcast, lets go before the clouds come’

‘Mama if we don’t go now Maya will poopoo and then we have to wait.’

‘Mama what are we waiting for?’


Then when I finally gather them and we are walking out of the door, he announces to all his friends, I AM GOING SWIMMING, I told you I am going swimming. That was I that morning, just that I could not announce to him that I was going riding, it was finally mums day out and I planned to maximise it. As I waited for my biker friend to show up at my house, I realised that we often lose our dreams somewhere.

Dreams, not purpose. Dreams we can live without, purpose is life. I thought about my bucket list dreams, what I would enjoy to do. Biking is one of them, the freedom that comes with being on a small powerful machine, the joy of just being free to goooooo!

So 80’s girls are now in their 30s and most of them are becoming mothers, just the other day we were playing kati and bladder, climbing trees and hide and seek. We run home to finish our homework and played until there was no more sunlight and we had to go inside to eat and sleep. At school, we lived for break time just so we could catch a few minutes of play. We loved to live, we enjoyed the adrenaline of skipping and jumping.

We often forget the adventure that we wanted to have as young girls growing up, climb a mountain, zip line, bunjee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, tour the world, join the rally- safari rally kind of rally, learn ballet, dance, swim in the ocean (with dolphins because they add more thrill or with sharks maybe, yeah, sharks add a little more spark), roller skate live just a little out of the day to day. We become mothers and our lives are consumed by the little humans day in day out.

My post for today is a reminder after a Zhumba class yesterday that had a couple of mums and most of them were saying they have decided to do something they love this year. Follow a dream they had and probably thought it had died. Some of them had a dream to just be fit, to be more graceful in their movement and so Zhumba will help them loosen the muscles and they will finally have that graceful walk.


Who dreams of a graceful walk I wondered.

I want to be a biker, guess Zhumba will come in handy because I need to be fit to ride. I want to go on a crazy long road trip where we sleep in tents and see the world; I want to go back to the adventure and thrill of crazy adrenaline sporty activities.

Don’t let that girl dream inside of you die just because you became a mother and you are helping nurture another human’s dreams.

What is you dream 80’s girls?

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