8 things only pregnant women appreciate



There are quiet a number of things we take for granted until you get pregnant and when they happen it feels like the heavens are smiling at you reminding you that I got you. Here is my list of things that only pregnant women would understand and appreciate.

The perfect sleeping position

It takes numerous hours of tossing and turning before you can get that perfection that is gentle on your back and you are able to black out. Today’s position is not necessarily tomorrow’s position so this is something you have to try and figure out every other day.

Passing gas

With all the bloating, the tummy is one of the most uncomfortable body parts on your body, and when the gas finally decides to come out, what! Who would have thought passing gas would make someone so happy.

Going number 2

Before we move away from the tummy, if you are suffering from constipation then a session in the toilet without constipation is a lucky break, this combined with point number 2 and you will have the best day of your life. Pooping when not expecting you will poop is just too refreshing.

Drinking water

Water for some reason tastes so bad, something you had never thought about before, it just has not taste yet it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, if you manage a glass amazing, if 4 there must be a God if the recommended 8 are you god?

The perfect food

For some reason, food that your taste buds can tolerate becomes scarce, very and when you find that food that excites your eyes, taste buds and tummy you are one of the lucky few and that food will be eaten in your house till everyone else starts complaining and you are wondering what? We’ve only eaten it 5 times this week?

Perfect emotions just for a day

When you wake up extremely happy, excited and looking forward to a happy day, you jump into the shower and somehow they water is not getting to the perfect temperature that you like, it makes you a lil bit sad, then you stand in front of your clothes and you have no idea what to wear, it makes you a little bit more sad, then you cannot get your eyeliner to go straight and you start crying, you go back to the bathroom because you have to wash it off and the cycle begins all over again, what’s with emotions being everywhere.

Access to a clean toilet

With the need to pee every 30 minutes, 1 hour if you push it, a clean toilet with tissue is the best thing that can happen to you, that toilet being a few meters away is pure bliss.

I love my hair, but it’s everywhere

Pregnancy hormones tend to favour hair growth and if you are chasing length then you are absolutely smiling but then hair growth is not restricted to your head only, your eye brows need trimming every 1 week from every 2/4 weeks before pregnancy, your arms and legs need waxing do I need to mention the underarms and the whooha?


There goes my list, I know it is way longer than 8 for sure, but I have to go pee… =)


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