5 crazy things every pregnant mum should know



I had just gotten my baby and every other day I would have my “how comes nobody told me that?!” moments. I remember saying to myself if any of my friends were expecting I would tell them everything I knew and experienced as a new mum (apart from the fact that cracked nipples are worse than labour). I have kept that promise to the best of my knowledge. So here are some of the things you might never be told as a new mum.

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You might not automatically fall in love with you baby

We see this on facebook post all the time, “baby just came, 2:34 am!!! I can’t sleep I have been staring at the angelic face since, never felt so much love.” You will probably blackout and be woken up 5 hours later by a nurse telling you to take medication, you will be shocked when they say they have already washed the baby and he is sleeping, then go on to ask you to please freshen up and have breakfast before he wakes up. You will wonder how you slept when the other mother stayed up admiring their new baby and you will think maybe you don’t love your baby. Don’t be hard on yourself no matter how much you were looking forward to the new baby; you might have to grow slowly in love with them.


Your body will take time to heal

Forget ‘Zari the boss Lady’ Diamond Platnumz’s wife and all those celebrities who post their post baby bodies 2 weeks later and the abs are back. 90% of women have to work out for a couple of months before the baby weight is gone. You just brought a miracle into the world, how about you focus on that and caring for yourself. When the time comes, you will work out and get back your post baby body. Imagine, expressing milk, dealing with colic, trying to sleep train, loving the baby, learning the baby, being a wife and to add on top of all that trying to work out.


The baby might have slight menstrual periods

I remember I was freaked out when I washed my son, he peed on the towel and it had spots of blood. I called my friend, I sent her a pic of the spots and she just said ‘I think you need to take him to hospital. I had the phone number for the nurse who discharged us; I called her thinking my next call will be to St. John’s for an ambulance, she told me that it is perfectly normal. She explained that they baby is trying to get rid of the maternal hormones which includes periods and she even told me if I press on the boobs slightly milk will come out and it did. This was about 5 days after birth.


Breastfeeding is not as easy as ABC

Your baby may latch well from the first time you put him on the breast that is for a small percentage. Breastfeeding is something that needs to be learnt, the areola (black part) needs to be in the mouth is what we are told, now did you know that the size matters, there are some who have a small areola and others are really big. If you have to, get help from a lactation manager a little help can go a long way.


Kuzaa sio kazi kulea ndio kazi

That seems like such a rude statement to say to a woman who is about to go into labour or is in labour. The contractions come in pangs you are literary living a contraction at a time, then the thought that giving birth is not work, the actual work is raising the baby you want to punch those wahenga, coz labour is an uphill climb. Prepare yourself no so much for labour because honestly the real work begins when baby comes, you have the responsibility to raise your son to be the kind of man you would want your daughter to marry and your daughter the kind of woman you would want for your son.

Bonus point: first poop is black/dark green sticky and scary as hell. I opened the diaper, saw the poo, closed the diaper very fast and called a nurse. The next time I opened a diaper was at my house 4 days later.

What were your crazy lessons as a new mum?

Happy Parenting


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